Bernheim’s Amnesia Technique and the Power of Personal Development in Hypnosis – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 256)

A ton of cool stuff about hypnosis!

Introduction for Episode 256


Welcome to the house of Loochie! SCROLL DOWN FOR THE CORRECTION IN THE NOTES!

Loochie, Loochie and more Loochie!

Can you really stop us?

Can you stop us at all?

But whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?


Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 256

  • Foundations Live coming soon...Join us and get confident!
  • November 11th to 15th is the next Architecture of Hypnosis event
  • There are only seven Master spots in each training...
  • Mike's GPT HAL is heading to IO like in 2001...
  • Chris has lost his ability to catch baseballs out in the field...
  • Hippolyte Bernheim and the self-awakening count (Mike tested this at the Architecture of Hypnosis and it worked!)
  • The smug correction!
  • Loochie!
  • The Babinski reflex and hypnosis...Does it return in regression?
  • Mike has seen it return!
  • How to stand your ground without being a dick!
  • Leave the Royal Guard alone!
  • Ketones sharpen the brain; just ask Mike...
  • How do say NO...
  • "When I say no I feel guilty" - Manual Smith PhD.
  • Wow...this stuff really comes out!
  • The fair witness position...
  • No matter how angry people get, it's only data!
  • Self-work is important!
  • Personal Development is an awesome thing to do...
  • It's easy to step into a confident person by using NLP or hypnosis
  • You cannot hypnotize chickens, lobsters or bunny rabbits...

A Report from Hypno North in Meaford Ontario!

  • Can you bypass the critical faculty with self-hypnosis? Yes.
  • The doorman keeps you out of the bar - He's the critical faculty
  • It's only a model, so don't write to us or we'll do the dick chant
  • People are lacking confidence and need our academy!
  • Skill is knowledge plus application
  • Repetition is the mother of skill!
  • What does it feel like to be in hypnosis? Nothing in particular.
  • If you're hypnotized it feels like a general anaesthetic. Not.
  • The results are the evidence that it worked!

Empowering Question: Now that you've listened to this podcast, if you were fleeing Billy Dyles, because you thought he was Dracula, would you hide up in Meaford or move up to Shallow Lake?

Metafive:  Mike's Dad and the sliced ham samwidge...

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