Is Hypnosis Scientific? – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 251)

Damn it! It's science! Here's why...

Introduction for Episode 251

Do you really know if hypnosis is scientific? Can you discuss it rationally?

How are ya now, thanks once again...

You're about to hear the reason behind the reason...all the way from Meaford Ontario...

But first...

Why the hell don't those dicks Edderd and Dooter know sweet dick all about hypnosis, and where's the tranquility gone?



Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 251

  • Come to Toronto and train with us in November 2024...
  • Don't back-off on the backpack offer!
  • "The butcher with the sharpest knife, has the warmest heart!" - Number 6
  • The colour of medications has an effect on how well they work...
  • Pharmaceuticals also benefit from the placebo effect!
  • The preframe is crucial! A poor preframe yields poor results...
  • Scientific hypnotism began most likely with Braid
  • The average hypnotist replicates the history of hypnosis and neglects moving on...
  • Expectation leads to anticipation!
  • A model of hypnosis should be pruned and trimmed to remain effective!
  • "The mark of the amateur is mistaking complexity for cleverness" - Mike Mandel
  • State or Process? Yes!
  • The Default Mode Network!
  • Kreskin and his Straw Man...
  • Higher than average intelligence is tied to hypnotic susceptibility...
  • Hypnosis doesn't feel like anything specific!
  • Poor subject? Which hypnotist? What methodology?
  • Bad subjects flee our students and go elsewhere!
  • All these damnably stupid hypnosis scales drive us nuts!
  • If you relax then you feel less pain...
  • September Man got a phenomenal result with a dental patient...
  • "And where is that discomfort now...or did it just disappear? - Tad James
  • Send in your questions, boys and girls!

Empowering Question: Ask youself which of these aspects of hypnotic effectiveness are most interesting to me, and where will I go to learn more about the power and nature of hypnotic procedures?

Metafive:  Hell, yeah!

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