Hypnosis to Forget an Ex…and Other Cool Stuff – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 250)

Ton of cool stuff…so stay with us…

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Introduction for Episode 250

Is it possible to forget an ex?

Let’s cut right to the chase here, and say Loochie…



Think Tank Words for This Episode

  1. MANGLE  
  2. SPUTTER  

Show Notes for Episode 250

  • Mention Freddy’s newest book
    • Forgetting an Ex!
  • Common request (surprisingly or not)
  • Is it possible?
  • Is it ecological? No.
  • Discuss using hypnosis to reduce the negative emotions
  • Freddy’s Girl on the train
  • You must preserve the learnings!
  • MINDSCAPING to get over the Ex
    • Remove the links in the past
    • Ensure a bright future
    • Let client prepare what they take with them
    • Monuments if necessary
  • Timelines show gaps or dark areas sometimes
    • Create dark areas but put the learnings somewhere
  • Use hypnosis to let the unconscious mind decide
    • Use control panel
  • Use 6 Step to depotentiate negative emotions
    • Take it to zero!
    • Backfill with Triple Warmer
  • Backfilling - What is it?
  • Why does it matter?
  • Term came from Karl Smith
  • Examples:
    • Kinetic Shift
    • MINDSCAPING - monuments, etc.
    • What would you like to feel instead?
    • Ego strengthening is a kind of backfilling too.
  • Let’s talk all about the RAS
  • The RAS filters incoming stimuli from our senses and decides which data is significant enough to pass on to the conscious mind. Sudden noises or relevant spoken words (like one's name) can activate the RAS, making the person attentive.
  • Examples:
    • A new interest (camera)
    • Peterkin Papers - Subtle lessons in problem solving
  • Focused attention seems to activate it
  • Emotions activate it too
  • The Quarter Game Redux - RAS at your service!

Empowering Questions: What will I focus on today…and everyday…in order to switch on  my reticular activating system…so I’ll more frequently notice…the important prompts it’s giving me…to continue to improve my life…?

Metafive: Show at Meadowvale - You can remain…or stay…in the audience…when you go there…but not yet…now…is a great time to sit there…in the audience…etc.

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