Brain Software Podcast 25: Mentalism, Handwriting and Hypnosis

Brain Software hypnosis podcastMike and Chris Thompson are back with the 25th episode of the awesome Brain Software podcast!

Here’s the outline of amazing and fun stuff we talked about on this podcast:

  • We start with some more ways to goof around with telemarketers. Mike’s favourite is to tell them he doesn’t speak English. Say it congruently with no accent, and it’s hilarious.
  • Mike explains a very cool, but ultra simple mentalism effect with cards. Amaze and astound your friends.
  • We talk about hypnosis and handwriting analysis. Mike’s studied intensively, how different handwriting traits can give you insights into more effective trance inductions. Remember that all hypnotic subjects are great subjects, however the hypnotist needs to be flexible. Mike’s explanation of how to tie in handwriting with hypnosis is quite fascinating!
  • When he put the literary “D” in his own handwriting, Mike noticed that he suddenly started to “get” poetry, for example. When you change your handwriting you change your brain.
  • MINDSCAPING! We’re holding a training course in February 2013 on Mike’s incredible therapeutic technique known as MINDSCAPING. If you have studied with Mike and learned the “Art Gallery” method, you’ll find that MINDSCAPING is far more powerful. You can learn this whether or not you have any background in NLP and hypnosis (and you’ll be learning about both during this course).
  • Leverage inductions and depth of trance: Chris asks Mike to expand on the concept of using deep trances for all hypnotic work. As Mike explains, the simplest ways to deepen a trance are often the best. So many hypnotists are poorly trained and therefore unable to produce anything more than a light trance. They then have their subjects speak in light trance, which often takes them out of trance.
  • What’s going on with people who don’t believe in hypnosis? Chris got an interesting email from a parent who claimed to be using “Christian” parenting methods, and therefore doesn’t believe in hypnosis. Recall Chris teaches language tools, derived from hypnosis and NLP, to parents. Mike says believing hypnosis doesn’t exist has nothing whatsoever to do with religious beliefs. It’s no different than believing dentistry doesn’t exist. Remember that hypnosis is just a label. People have generally been programmed by the media to have beliefs about it that are entirely inaccurate. And believing something doesn’t exist doesn’t change the science behind it. Hypnosis is scientific, plain and simple.
  • We have a discussion about the existence of “the unconscious mind”, which some people say does not exist. What these people don’t get is that we’re talking about a models. Models are not reality. They’re just useful ways of looking at something, or understanding the world around us. In the case of NLP and hypnosis, the unconscious mind is what we think about as running our heart valves, enzyme production and other aspects of our life that we don’t consciously control (or even think about most of the time). To say the unconscious doesn’t exist is to say that you control your own heart valves consciously. Ever heard anyone make such a claim? Neither have we.

Upcoming release of Hypnotic Power Inductions DVD: Mike’s latest product is called “Hypnotic Power Inductions: Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation”. It is a combination DVD (training video) and supplemental audio CD, where Chris and Mike talk in a similar way to these podcasts, going through many of the finer points of hypnotic trance creation. We are literally a few days from the release of this product. We’re just waiting on the final production version hitting Chris’ mailbox! It may even arrive today. We’re excited to launch this product. Get on our email list if you want to be notified of its release. We always give initial access (at better pricing) to our email list.

This DVD and CD training set is AWESOME.

Closing metaphor: The Story of Claremont, Ontario.

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