It’s not too late to make 2024 awesome! – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 247)

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Introduction for Episode 247

There're ways to make everything great!

Whatever is on its way, Scro...don't worry about it.



Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 247

  • We're back in the studio!
  • Let's recap the great techniques that will give you an awesome life, while dicking around...
  •  Mike's bringing music into his life! ONWARD!
  • We're offering you to tools to have a great life!
  • Architecture of Hypnosis is booking now for May 2014!
  • Change your attitude for the year! Even if it feels unnatural!
  • Help people have a great life! 
  • Watch out for hardening of the attitudes...
  • Winning the lottery is not a good retirement plan...
  • Bring back spasmodic coughing!
  • What do you want to improve this year?
  • "May you always have happiness!"
  • Build your intellect!
  • Drop emotional baggage!
  • Mike might be the Waylon Jennings of hypnosis...
  • Life is short!
  • Age eighteen was the year of the Alice!
  • You're responsible to be as fit, healthy, and wealthy as possible!
  • Be the best YOU that you can be!
  • We all act selfishly...
  • "You can get anything you want out of life, if you help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar
  • How will you know you have achieved the goal?
  • Is it achievable, realistic, and is there sufficient time?
  • Is it ecological?
  • Learn to use the morning!
  • Go to bed at the same every night!
  • Front end load the important or unpleasant stuff!
  • Workouts don't need a lot of time!
  • Put together don't have to think with do have to think activities...
  • Change I HAVE to, to I GET to!
  • There's nothing noble about lacking sleep!
  • Make exercise part of your life as a process, not a goal...
  • Stop eating stuff that isn't food!
  • Eat what your grandparents would know as food!
  • Snacks? Why???
  • Eat and drink and stop by 7pm.
  • Avoid the seed oils! We don't like hexane extraction...
  • Learn to prioritize!
  • Do something new every year!
  • Examine your relationships. Which ones need maintenance?
  • End toxic relationships!
  • Practice positive self-talk...
  • Chris behaves like an idiot, but isn't one!
  • Do a periodic digital detox!
  • Get out in nature! Use the fractals...
  • Give back to others; either your resources or your time!
  • Read, read and read!
  • Reading is active, and television is passive!
  • SQ3R method of learning is awesome...
  • Learn to budget and save long-term...
  • Invest your time learning to invest your money! -  Chris Thompson
  • Find a creative outlet! Music, writing, whatever...
  • Mike's word is ONWARD again!

Empowering Question: As I think of this coming year with all its questions and uncertainty, what resources will I apply to my own life in order to have an absolutely brilliant year, starting right NOW...

Metafive: This is the metafive...

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