Hypnosis, Imagination and Guided Imagery – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 244)

Guided imagery is awesome...if it's done well, that is.

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Introduction for Episode 244

Time to guide that imagery! And hypnosis too!

That's right...

And above all else...

These ARE days of witches!!!

Here we go...let's get this beater boppin' podcast up and running...

But first, let's talk about freespotting!

  • Improvement on Brain Spotting? 
  • We think so!
  • Mike fixed his rage about the dicks at Roy Thompson Hall

And now, the Think Tank words


Show Notes for Episode 244

  • Guided imagery is not revivification!
  • Yes Sets are like revivification, because they build a psychodynamic loop
  • In Guided Imagery the hypnotist leads and is in control the entire time
  • Don't put your subject in a coffin in Castle Dracula!
  • You don't have someone revivify a specific experience
  • Guided Imagery puts the client in any kind of experience to make change!
  • Revivification isn't something you do with clients; it's a training exercise!
  • Without flexibilities you wind up reading scripts or following paint by number recipes...
  • You have to script out a Guided Imagery like the script to a movie...
  • You must check out Journey to the Castle here...
  • CYDONIA is done, and Rendlesham is on the way...
  • The New You Protocol teaches people to create powerful Guided Imagery journeys for their clients!
  • Remedial change fixes things, and generative change makes something good even better!
  • The New You Protocol is excellent for generative change!
  •  SUDs aren't needed for generative change!
  • "What is it you wish to improve?"
  • Starting on a beach works well...and then into the forest...
  • The client is walked through a journey that contains obstacles and solutions...
  • You can have a generic pattern that you plug stuff into as you work with the client
  • Dissociation is to see yourself in the scene - Your mirror image is dissociated!
  • The other You is doing the activity perfectly! 
  • You integrate the change...
  • Always give ego-strengthening suggestions at the end of the session!
  • Make sure you remember to use VAK during the guided imagery...
  • All the demos on the New You Protocol is in the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy
  • Give people hypnotic gifts!

Empowering Question:  Ask yourself which components and resources come to mind immediately to make guided imagery work flawlessly for you?

Metafive:  The 6 of Diamonds!

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