Get out there, and wreck those relationships, while there’s still time! – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 242)

Wreck those!

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Introduction for Episode 242

Why not wreck everything with all your friends and family, with Chris and Jeff? Or do the opposite...

Remember: As Keith Richards put it: These are days of victory!!!

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Show Notes for Episode 242

Here we go, boys and girls!

  • Anticipation and belief equals trance!
  • The REM Induction is just great for regression work...
  • Which induction with which intervention? It doesn't matter, folks!
  • Gil Boyne only used PGO Spike inductions...
  • Don't yank the person's neck!
  • Taking away equilibrium also helps the induction work
  • There are many deepeners that will also be useful with a PGO Spike
  • We finished Architecture of Hypnosis again!
  • Our next training will be May 27th to 31st, 2024, live in Toronto!
  • 10 years later, we have launched MMHA 2.0!!!
  • We believe in retraining the immune system...
  • We cleared Tom's fear of rats and mice!
  • Therapist by day, counter-therapist by night!
  • Before you train with someone else, check us out...
  • We have upped the game with 2.0...
  • Don't be present when someone is speaking...
  • Watch out for even seeming to listen...
  • Talk about yourself...a lot!
  • Narcissism rules the day...
  • Please George Noory, don't sing!
  • Don't mistake politeness for interest!
  • Giving and receiving attention is a human givens
  • Always take the better offer...
  • Keep communication lines open!
  • Grinning in the grinnery!
  • Always put yourself first!
  • Make sure your significant other knows how great your last significant other was!
  • Trigger envy, to feel miles ahead of everyone else...
  • Show zero interest in any improvements your friends have made in their life, home, whatever...
  •  Always be the one to decide what movie, restaurant, etc., the group goes to...
  • Never be available, if someone has a problem!
  • Make sure you diss your friend in front of his new girlfriend!
  • Drop the atomic bomb! That one thing they don't want to talk about...
  • Remember to use facial expressions, like rolling your eyes as though there's been a secret discussion!
  • Don't be in a big hurry to give borrowed items back!
  • Accuse complainers of being negative
  • Burst out laughing when a friend gets new clothing! Apologize and then periodically double over in silent, shaking laughter...
  • Keep it to yourself...
  • "Aren't you glad in a weird kind of way?"
  • Putting a condom in someone's food is hilarious!
  • Remember to switch off those mirror neurons!

Empowering Questions:  Ask yourself who in your life would benefit by you NOT applying any of these techniques, and how will that benefit you?

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