Presentation Skills, for Stage and Life! – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 240)

Mike Mandel and I reveal the secrets of dynamic presentation skills, so stay tuned!

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Introduction for Episode 240


So welcome to the center stage…

That neck-cranking, bag ripping, mannish boy…

Who’s also the Keith Richards of hypnosis!

Mike Mandel!!!

Today’s show is all about presentation - Onstage and offstage!

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 240

Here we go...And remember to check out Foundations LIVE...

  • Presentation Skills, why?
  • They map across to life! Keynotes, small group trainings, and social media too…
  • Here are some keys…
  • Start with the Mandel triangle
    • Congruence, Confidence, Conviction
    • You will have credibility - Bristol Myers Squibb story
  • Don’t mumble and mutter! Speak clearly!
    • Dentist at Grapho convention in Chicago
  • Make eye-contact with members of your audience - Jordan Peterson story
  • Remember to pause…it’s powerful!
  • Be funny! Serious is boring…
  • Stand tall - send strong body language
    • Do not pace! - Casey in Winnipeg story
  • Master the microphone! Countryman vs Bob Gray in the early days
  • Watch out for repetitive gestures! - Guy with remote story
    • Guy with glasses gesture he must have copied
    • Moyer with toothpick
  • Lose the word whiskers! They disempower you…
    • Um, right?, okay? - Story from Great Courses “nKeh?”
  • Have a point! Don’t ramble. 
  • Hit the stage with energy! 
  • Keep it simple! Recondite is bad…
  • Dress the part. Don’t show up for an event in sweats (Mike Smith) Boris in tuxedo
  • Know your material inside out - AoH prep story
  • Use the whole stage or platform - No podiums
  • Don’t swear or use racist, sexist terms or tell dirty jokes - IGAS dentist again
  • Don’t drink alcohol before you present 
  • Know your audience! - Me at Mont Tremblant for Rogers
    • McGarvey’s spatial anchoring story
  • Absolutely NO Ken Sweatman stories! 
  • Don’t read your speech! PowerPoint sucked!
    • Memory jogs are okay
    • HypnoThoughts Live 2018 keynote - no notes
  • Pull at the emotions without being maudlin
  • They’ll remember the stories - AoH metaphors use
  • No bizarre speech or presentation patterns - “What about your customers…” idiotic guy
  • TOP when you’re done. (Royal York example) $56,250.000

Special Report: It's The Bastard Show with Charlie "Chuck" Waggen!

    • Have someone record you and watch yourself critically
      • This can be difficult
    • The AS IF frame is a huge advantage for speakers and presenters - The Deacon example
    • If taking questions, repeat them for the audience
    • One on one is the same skills!
      • Listen to the other person without interrupting
      • Maintain rapport
    • Remember: Good presentation skills are a leadership skill
    • FINALLY: Read your audience and S

Empowering Questions:  Ask yourself…What presentation skills will I adopt as part of my life today… and when I get good at this…how will I make it into something truly exceptional… and how will the impression I make on others…change and grow…along with my new abilities?

Metafive:  The propane fill-up

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