Brain Software Podcast 24: You Can’t Fix Stupid

Brain Software hypnosis podcastHere’s the 24th episode of Brain Software with Mike Mandel!

Here’s the podcast we recorded on the heels of Hurricane Sandy and just ahead of Halloween. As always, we had a blast. Here’s the basic outline:

  • Mike and Chris go through a couple of other fun ways to mess with telemarketers.
  • We segue into a discussion of the meta model, which is a model for eliciting details about, for example, something someone else is saying.  It helps turn incomplete information into a much more complete message. Mike contrasts this with the Milton Model, which is used in a completely different way.
  • We had a question about Mike’s product “A Good Night’s Sleep“, regarding giving people specific suggestions. In most hypnotic therapeutic interactions a good hypnotist won’t give specific instructions such as, “You shall fall asleep every night at exactly 9 o’clock”. Suggestions should be artfully vague. “You can get tired and sleepy at the appropriate time” is a far more effective suggestion!
  • Mike and Chris talk about the idea of multiple voices on hypnosis recordings. This stems from another question from a listener who finds that too many voices on a hypnosis recording coming at you from all angles is “ultra annoying” (in his words). We agree. As Mike says, people tend to overcomplicate hypnosis. When you break it down into its simplest components, hypnosis is EASY. That’s why we have complete newbie students who graduate through Mike’s training to become excellent hypnotists. Keep it simple!
  • Another question came in about home study courses in hypnosis. Mike doesn’t yet offer a home study course so the questioner wanted to know if other courses are worth getting. The answer is – yes, some of them are. But you do not need a set of 40-odd DVDs to learn the basics. If you’re going to spend that number of hours studying hypnosis, take a live course. You’ll learn a lot more.
  • Chris talks about product refund rates, and two strategies that product vendors use to reduce refunds. These psychological principles are worth understanding.
  • What certification do people actually get when they study hypnosis? With Mike’s class, you get certified that you’ve trained with him. Most hypnosis courses can’t give you a title to put after your name. Different jurisdictions have different rules / legislation / governing bodies. Mike relates a story about the Ontario Hypnosis Act from 1990. This act was repealed in 1997 and if you actually go read it, you’ll see why. It’s incredibly stupid, unenforceable and was obviously written by people who are clueless.
  • We had another good question come in about the use of hypnosis for borderline personality disorder (BPD). He had asked his own therapist about this, and the therapist used a totally archaic hypnotizability test, deemed him not to be a good subject and continued with his existing methods. Mike suggests that emotional problems can be effectively treated with something called Faster EFT. Hypnotists and other therapists SHOULD learn some of these alternative therapeutic modalities. Add them to your toolbox, folks!

Upcoming release of Hypnotic Power Inductions DVD: Mike’s latest product is called “Hypnotic Power Inductions: Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation”. It is a combination DVD (training video) and supplemental audio CD, where Chris and Mike talk in a similar way to these podcasts, going through many of the finer points of hypnotic trance creation. When we recorded this podcast we thought the product would already be launched by now. It’s not, and it WILL be released in approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Get on our email list if you want to be notified of its release. We always give initial access (at better pricing) to our email list.

This DVD and CD training set is AWESOME.

Closing metaphor: The Story of the RMS Carinthia.
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