Reframing, Systems, and Mailbag… – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 239)

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Introduction for Episode 239

You know what time it is folks? 

Of course you do…

Here in the Enjoy-agon, Fritz and the Keith Richards of hypnosis want you to know…


Yes my friends…they really are!

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 239

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  • Wear the right vest for the job…
  • Where are you putting your attention?
  • Collaboration is critical for long-term success!
  • Reframing is critical - Content and Context
  • Mike reframed “I’m a stage hypnotist” to “I’m a communicator”.
  • Find a reframe that works for you! It won’t be a universal
  • Lean and mean, like a Royal Marine!
  • The best exercise for you, is the one you’ll actually do!
  • Chris is a great walker, not a failed runner…
  • Not my circus, not my monkeys!
  • What about lying under hypnosis?
  • You can do it whenever you want to…
  • In forensic hypnosis, you almost never hypnotize the criminal…
  • “Hypnosis does NOT increase suggestibility. It increases the potential to accept suggestions” - Milton H. Erickson
  • The burden of proof is on the one who makes the assertion!
  • Everything in hypnosis is context-driven…

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  • Systems are better than goals!
  • We have systems, even for these podcasts, kids!
  • Part of the system is eating-off and drinking wine at Colonel Bastard’s after every podcast!
  • How about creating a system to be fit and healthy?
  • What is a post hypnotic suggestion? One that fires later after the trance has been terminated…
  • Post hypnotic work generally requires a somnambulistic trance…
  • Is anyone ever wide-awake? Who knows?

Empowering Questions:  What is the greatest reframe that I can apply right now to my life, and what systems will I create to ensure that goals and failure become a thing of the past?

Metafive:  Mike’s Dad and his eccentricities…

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