Keys to being an Awesome Hypnotist! – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 237)

We’re back from HT Live! So let’s talk all about it…

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Introduction for Episode 237

Bavartsch and Loochie to you!

Welcome to the Hypnotic World Epicenter, Toronto Canada!

Here we go with another Brain Software podcast…

And whatever happened to that old tranquility of gardeners and shop keepers, we used to have before the war?


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Think Tank Words for This Episode

  2. MEAT

Show Notes for Episode 237

Here we go...And remember to come to Architecture of Hypnosis in Toronto!

  • We are the Association of Danube Swabians!
  • Why would anyone want to learn hypnosis?
  • Because it’s awesome!
  • It’s effective communication!
  • Better hypnosis sessions come from better hypnosis skills…
  • Psychiatrists come to learn from us!
  • Always be learning!
  • Learn to calibrate!
  • You can’t have an internal and an external in any system at the same time!
  • Fractionation is the most dependable deepened!
  • Listen carefully and take notes during the intake…
  • Don’t interpret - Use their own words…
  • Keep notes brief…
  • Smile and eyebrow flash!
  • Rapport is the glue that holds the trance together…
  • Learn direct and indirect hypnosis! You need them both….
  • Slow down and take your time…
  • Slow is smooth…smooth is fast…
  • Use those yes sets! Do them before compliance sets…
  • Drop the “I need you to…” and “I want you to…”
  • Lose the word whiskers: You know…Right?….Okay…
  • Ecology First and Foremost! Theirs, and yours too!
  • Hypnotic gifts are awesome!
  • Do thorough work and test it! Use SUDs or Future Pace things…
  • Don’t settle for your client just feeling better…
  • Learn from the best trainers you can find!
  • Beware…there are some very poor and expensive trainings out there…

Empowering Questions: What will I do today…to ensure I never stop learning about hypnosis…and keep learning and improving…until it’s clear to me…and everyone else…that I’m a hypnotic rockstar?

Metafive: My God…he can’t protect us!

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  2. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
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