Stop doing these 10 things right now! – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 235)

We’re back from HT Live! So let’s talk all about it…

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Introduction for Episode 235

You can be anything, this time around, so let's get to it...Here're 10 things to STOP right now!

Whatever happened to that old sexual vitality we used to know and love, before prostate hypertrophy became ubiquitous?

But who cares?

THESE ARE DAYS OF VICTORY, although Fritz is still packing on the belly weight...

So let's get down to it, Scro!

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Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 235

Here we go...And remember to come to Architecture of Hypnosis in Toronto!

  • Watch out for triangulation! Don't accept it...
  • If you have a question for Mike, ask him, not Chris!
  • Much of life can be improved through some simple changes...
  • You must condition things in...
  • "I've never thought of you as a social justice warrior before..."
  • Stop giving your television the bulk of your time!
  • Screen time can be a huge time-waster...
  • Stop letting your life slip away from you!
  • You'll never be this young again...
  • One day, you'll go out to play with your friends for the last time...
  • Spend your time wisely or invest it. Don't lose it!
  • Drop the tunnel vision and wake up!
  • Is your reality tunnel being mistaken for reality?
  • Relationships are changing but we sometimes don't notice the disintegration!
  • Avoid the news at bedtime! Maybe avoid it all the time...
  • Look for some good news!
  • Break bad habits by replacing them with good ones!
  • Hypnosis is useful for this!
  • Chris used the Swish to break a nail-biting habit!
  • Stop hanging around with idiots, jerks, and bastards.
  • Be a balcony person and lift people up!
  • You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with!
  • It's important to be able to say NO!
  • Also, it's important to learn to say YES to new things...
  • If people knew about our podcast, they wouldn't one to be a guest on it...
  • Meet people of quality and become a person of quality for others!
  • Hang out with people who can actually think...
  • Treat the important people in your life that they're important!
  • Escape from the same old same old. Do something NEW!
  • Find out where you're in a rut...
  • Clear the old stuff out of your life!
  • Mike cleared all his old performance stuff out and dumped it in the garbage!
  • It was liberating to let go of an old chapter of his life!
  • Stop talking and listen! Draw people out with questions...
  • Mike used to self-reference all the time...
  • Comment on the other person's content - Don't make it about you!

Special Report from Hypno North in Meaford Ontario:  

  • Stop being negative! Nobody likes a wet blanket...
  • Life is bad enough without being bloody miserable too! - Dorothy Parker
  • Can you fail without being a failure? Can you rob a bank without being a bank robber?
  • People get in the habit of being negative all the time! 
  • Stop worrying! It's bad for you and doesn't fix problems!
  • Hilgard said that hypnosis is believed-in imagination...
  • We need to be closer to the Order end of the Order Chaos continuum...
  • Everyday you have might be your last day on earth...

Empowering Questions: Which of these tactics has jumped out at applicable to your life...if you want it to be better...and what will you apply that lesson...right NOW..?

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