Gang of Four – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 229)

The Gang of Four doesn't get together often enough!

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Introduction for Episode 229

We are the Hypnotic Gang of Four!

And there's nothing like having friends! Even weird ones...

Because we're hangin' together again!


Think Tank Words for This Episode

  1. MONTH

Show Notes for Episode 229

Here we go...And remember to come to HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas!

  • September Man is the definition of gumminess!
  • When you master the methods of Milton Erickson, you master hypnosis itself...
  • We have our modern, everyday trances, like driving...
  • Timothy recognizes when people are going into trance, and utilizes it!
  • Asking questions becomes critical!
  • Brevity is the soul of wit!
  • "What is that?" - Timothy September
  • The Godfather of Hypnosis from Palermo Sicily...Michael C. Anthony!
  • "Let me talk about my first disappointment here, and how else are you deceiving people?" - Michael C. Anthony (The world's foremost hypnotic millwright!)
  • Hypnosis shows and mentalism used to be really serious!
  • MCA's Uncle Joe actually wore a turban onstage!
  • A hypnotic entertainer is the one in control of his own life! You get to travel, make a lot of money and have fun!
  • Check out Stage Hypnosis University right here!
  • "There's a level of seriousness that's necessary in hypnosis..." - said by Chris Thompson, triggering raucous, mocking laughter from Mike and Timothy
  • PYKTHOS is an awesome new way to build your online presence, if you're a people helper! Therapist, psychologist, NLP practitioner, coach, whatever...
  • PYKTHOS is your business in a box! One stop shopping at its finest!
  • PYKTHOS came from being therapists and trainers, FIRST!
  • Michael C. Anthony lived in St Catharines Ontario and worked at GM for two full weeks!
  • Then he went from building cars to building cookies...
  • Double Trouble were his favourite cookies!
  • September Man started by glass blowing, then people helping...
  • Timothy sold everything glass blowing related and burned his bridges...
  • Opportunities for a full life are everywhere!
  • You must have close friends to hang out with, even if they're dicks!                            

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