Sleep and Dreams – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 228)

You spend a third of your life asleep! Here's how to make it better...

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Introduction for Episode 228

Yo what's happening, Bag?

Whatever happened to that laid-back 60s Allen Ginsberg kind of feeling, when we all used to know and love each other, Pouch?


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Show Notes for Episode 228

  • Mike Mandel has completed 70 trips around the sun!
  • Sleep and dreams - the morpheus factor
  • How do we spell contrarian? D-I-C-K
  • Being deprived of sleep and dreams causes mental and physical problems
  • Your brain cycles every 90 to 100 minutes in a sleep cycle
  • You briefly awaken between cycles
  • The human nose tells you to turn over when you're asleep
  • We cycles through brainwaves, beta to alpha to theta to delta
  • NREM is no rapid eye-movement. REM is near the surface of awareness
  • Human Givens Theory says we discharge emotional states through REM and dreaming
  • If you're deprived of dreaming, you'll start to dream when awake!
  • The hypnagogic state is when you're going into sleep!
  • To go to sleep, you lie there as if you're asleep and pretend you're asleep!
  •  Hypnagogia is related to hypnosis!
  • Visual shuts off first, and auditory shuts off last...
  • The hypnopompic state is when we come out of sleep
  • Most hypnopompic hallucinations are visual!
  • Digression!
  • Jay F. is now Rupture Boy!
  • Auditory states can bleed over into your sleep and dreams...
  • "Only the beginning!" Dan Zwir in Mike's dream!
  • Theta waves are creative waves!
  • We need to complete sleep cycles. Alarm clocks prevent that.
  • Cortisol is at its highest first thing in the morning!
  • Dreams resolve emotions through metaphor
  • Sleep paralysis is awful. The brain awakes but the body is shut down!
  • Why did the 2 teenage girls castrate their father with a straight razor? It was April Fool's Day!
  • The 6 Step Reframe can clear-up sleep paralysis...
  • Nightmares are bad dreams that awaken you!
  • Night terrors are fear or panic in an NRAM state with no memory of it
  • Insomnia is horrible, and the worst thing is to try to fall asleep!
  • Mental overstimulation can cause insomnia...
  • Mike hears the RUSH song Tom Sawyer in his head!
  • No caffeine after lunchtime!
  • People on Death Row don't sleep well before the electric chair...
  • Too much screen-time can screw up your sleep!

Special Report from Hypno North Meaford Ontario!

  • The 3am wake up is horrible! Check out Nux Vomica if your doctor says it's okay...
  • Reframe that wake up as an hour you've just been given!
  • Chris listens to podcasts when he cannot sleep...
  • Sleepwalking happens while in NRAM sleep, and is most common in kids...
  • Stress can cause sleepwalking!
  • Slow down before bed! No TV or computer!
  • In Canada recreational cannabis is legal, and you can take it before bed
  • Valerian can help some people. But not the ones it wakes up!
  • Hops, skullcap and chamomile help sleep for some people...
  • Make sure your room is dark and cool...
  • The body temperature has to drop in order to sleep...
  • Do not skimp on quality with your bed, your eyes, or your shoes!
  • The sound of rain or surf can calm your mind...
  • Slow down your breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system...

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: What is the quality of my sleep…and what am I prepared to do…now…to improve sleep quality and duration?

Metafive: The camera stuck in my throat

Ending: Reverse Engineering

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