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Introduction for Episode 220

If it isn't fun, there's really no point in doing it! You heard me.

Fun is a damn serious business, so put every penny you have on that lanky horse in the 6th race at Belmont!

Welcome to the hypnotic penal colony! We're here for you, and this is your brain on fun!

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Think Tank Words for This Episode

  1.   INSECT
  2.   THANKS
  3.   INJURY

Show Notes for Episode 220

  • Architecture of Hypnosis will be Live in Toronto in May! 
  • Fun: That which provides amusement and enjoyment...
  • You don't have to be laughing for it to be fun!
  • Beach volleyball can be fun for a lot of reasons, not just the skimpy bathing suits...
  • What's the most fun you ever had that you can tell us about? Good question!
  • Watch for the foot in the pouch...
  • "Flung" is an interesting and underused word...
  • Jay Flesher has just written an awesome book and Mike wrote the introduction!
  • Do not climb out of car windows! It's very dangerous...
  • Chris put himself through university by sitting on a tower...
  • Various challenges can be fun, but they can disenfranchise you...
  • Do people in prison have fun? Maybe...
  • What kind of prison are you in?
  • What is the least fun you've ever had?
  • Pneumonia is not fun at all!
  • "If you can't laugh at serious things, how are you ever going to laugh at funny things?" - Mike Mandel
  • Stephen Potter wrote great books!
  • "Fun is an emotion, therefore the opposite of fun is also an emotion" - Chris Thompson
  • Boredom can be worse than pain! How can you resolve it?
  • What is the worst job you ever had? Chris and Mike both flipped burgers...
  • Develop the ability to say NO!
  • Say yes to new experiences! There's a lot of potential fun in doing that...
  • Find the things you like doing, and find ways to put more of them in your life!
  • Everyone has the personal responsibility to put FUN into their lives. It's not up to someone else...

Special Report from Hypno North in Meaford Ontario!

  • Some things you just cannot continue as you get older, like Squash and Pickle-ball!
  • Past fun things are fun to think about, but you don't have to do them anymore!
  • Mike likes backgammon, theology, and playing Gadibra in the London Underground with his Egyptian Mau cat...
  • Being busy is okay if it's fun, but not just for its own sake...
  • Chris likes throwing shuriken, which are ninja stars!
  • Laughing a lot is good for you!!!
  • Scare ya? and the Warrington Reversal!

Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself… With the world being as unstable as it is today...what will you do to bring more find ways to make other people laugh in the Jack the frickin' laugher...?

Metafive: The cat's idea of fun...

None today folks!

Ending: Reverse Engineering

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  1. We're back to teaching the Architecture of Hypnosis in Toronto! Check it out here.
  2. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  3. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.