Brain Software Podcast 22: The Buffet is So Much Better Than Grilled Cheese and Fries

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWe’re out with session 22 of the best hypnosis podcast in the UNIVERSE! That’s right. Brain Software with Mike Mandel is back.

We recorded this podcast on the back of our Fall 2012 Architecture of Hypnosis course in Toronto.

Discussed on this podcast is:

  • We talk about the incredible results of our hypnosis class. One of our students, Gil, had an incredible experience getting over his anxiety of facing an audience. The students in the class really bonded well together and had incredible experiences together. As Mike says, we give students the buffet, or smorgasbord. Mike teaches so much in 5 days it is like drinking from a fire hose. Compare this to other trainers (with much less experience), who serve the equivalent of grilled cheese and fries.
  • Mike has plans for his past students to keep training. It will be called Mike Mandel’s Wizard School, and it’s going to be a BLAST, taking you to an even higher level of hypnotic capabilities. Come study with Mike so you can be a part of this.
  • During the latest hypnosis class we hired a film crew to come in and record Mike demonstrating (and deconstructing) 6 hypnotic inductions. We’ll be making this available as a DVD product (with CD audio supplement for improved material absorption). Expect this in the next month! It’s suited for anyone who wants to learn or improve their hypnosis skills.
  • There are two types of people on the planet. You’re either the good kind or the “special” kind (and there’s a little test to find out, as Mike explains on the podcast)
  • We talk about integration as a process that all people go through their whole lives. Nobody is ever fully integrated. We all need to learn to let go of our egos, biases, and other limitations. As Chris says: You’re either growing or you are dying.
  • Chris talks about some of the common questions that hypnosis students asked during the course. Mike makes an important correction about something Chris says regarding the hypnotic subject (this is a nice fine point).
  • You’ll discover why classical methods of self hypnosis are less effective, and how to actually get good at self hypnosis.
  • Suggestibility tests versus convincers – we talk about the main differences and reasons for using both during hypnosis. Did you know that testing for hypnosis causes hypnosis? Wait! We talked about this with Gabriello on podcast 21, so it’s a great reminder!
  • The closing metaphor is about Michael C. Anthony and the Excite landing page in Ohio. This one is totally bizarre!

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