The Secrets to Mastering NLP – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 207)

There aren't really any secrets to mastering NLP, but we'll tell you some cool stuff you can do...

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Introduction for Episode 207

NLP is awesome, and we'll show you how to get really good at it!

But in spite of all that, whatever happened to that old breechclout you used to wear?


So let's ROCK Homeys...

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Think Tank Words for This Episode

  1. AGLOW
  2. SENSE

Show Notes for Episode 207

  • Calm Radio is awesome! Check out their free app...It's perfect for hypnosis sessions!
  • MR CC - The four most important components of NLP!
  • Meta Model, Rapport, Calibration, Congruence
  • The Meta Model uses language to clarify language. It deals with deletion, distortion and generalization
  • We must clarify language!
  • Rapport is how we seem to enter someone else's model of the world
  • We can pace and lead someone to create rapport. We like people who seem similar to us!
  • Pretend the other person is the most fascinating and important person in the world!
  • You can't see what you are not looking for! Learn to observe...
  • Congruent people send a single consistent message!
  • MR CC is fundamental to doing NLP!
  • The Meta Pattern (John Overdurf) is foundational to much if not most NLP!
  • We call the Meta Pattern ADAC, which stands for: Activate - Dissociate - Associate - Collapse
  • "You can get anything with anchoring" - Richard Bandler

Tonight on the Owen Sound Network! Larry Gomez - The man who might be from Meaford

  • The fast phobia cure is also known as the Rewind Technique
  • NLP Timelines are a great protocol to learn!
  • Learn some NLP New Code! John Grinder's creation is an excellent adjunct to Classical NLP
  • Remember to always test your work by Future Pacing!
  • You can run NLP patterns from inside a trance!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself...What am I going to learn I find ways of integrating NLP...into my life...and make it a part of who I am...?

Metafive: The most famous person I've ever hypnotized...

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Ending: Reverse Engineering

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. We're back to teaching the Architecture of Hypnosis in Toronto! Check it out here.
  2. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  3. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.