The Secrets to Mastering Hypnosis – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 206)

There aren't really any secrets to mastering hypnosis, but we'll tell them to you anyway.

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Introduction for Episode 206

The number one secret to mastering hypnosis is that there really aren't any secrets!

But in spite of all that, whatever happened to that old insubordination we used to know?


So let's get down to it...

We will be back at HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas! And we'll also be doing live trainings in Toronto again, starting on Halloween...

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  3. DUCAL

Show Notes for Episode 206

  • How do you master hypnosis? It's simple!
  • What are the 20% of things that if you do them really well, you'll be an awesome hypnotist?
  • Learn some suggestibility tests which will build your confidence and create heteroaction
  • Learn some good inductions! Master three totally different ones!
  • PMR is a bit dursative, but will work most of the time...
  • Learn a catalepsy based induction! 
  • Study the greats! Bernheim and Braid and Tripp and Igor Ledochowski, 
  • We think the hypnotic language toolbox needs to be in place as first importance!
  • Keep on learning...there is no end to it.
  • You must study Milton Erickson! We think he's the best who ever lived...
  • Metaphors belong in the toolbox too! They're powerful and change people's lives...
  • The brain's pattern matching system works with the structure of the metaphor...
  • Learn the nomenclature of the hypnotic suggestion, somnambulism, etc.
  • Say hypnotist and hypnotize! Not hyp-MA-tist or hyp-MA-tize...
  • Learn to calibrate! You must be observing and listening, because you can't see what you're not looking for...
  • ABC - Always Be Calibrating! Learn the external trance indicators and start noticing them...
  • Doing hypnosis instead of talking about hypnosis is really an important key!
  • If you only watch videos or watch other people do hypnosis, you'll never get good at it!
  • Keep doing the neverending sentence until someone stops you...
  • Join an online hypnosis group and make friends with people in the community!

Special Report from Hypno North, Meaford Ontario!

  • It's a great idea to learn self-hypnosis too! You'll get a better appreciation for what it's like, and you can work on your own stuff too.
  • Learn a simple mentalism effect! It will add to your credibility and your prestige will go up. It will help onstage and in street hypnosis too!
  • Don't get too full of yourself! You don't know it all, and neither to we...
  • Do not prescribe! Not even water.
  • Find out what the laws are that govern hypnosis in your area...
  • Remember to always think ecology first! Keep your subjects safe and look after your own ecology too!
  • Get some good training! 

Empowering Question: Ask yourself...Where are the gaps in my own hypnosis knowledge...and how great will it be...when I learn all that I need...and become a true hypnotic rockstar...?

Metafive: Backgammon changed everything!

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Ending: Reverse Engineering

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. We're back to teaching the Architecture of Hypnosis in Toronto! Check it out here.
  2. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  3. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.