Hypnosis Q&A – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 204)

Ideomotor and ideosensory phenomena are awesome! Here's why...

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Introduction for Episode 204

You might not like us, but we're still right.



So strap on your breechclout and let's go...

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  2. PULL

Show Notes for Episode 204

  • Trance is the expressway to Alexander Cheese!
  • "Did you remember to warn Tilly about not going to the Costa Brava?" - Derry Cooke
  • When doing embedded suggestions, you can make a statement, a question, or a command...
  • Erickson used embedded suggestions to help his secretary overcome migraine headaches...
  • With hypnosis, everything is context!
  • Rapport is the glue that holds trance together!
  • The stronger the rapport, the better the effect of embedded commands and suggestions!
  • In the absence of rapport one can still cause a PGO spike and get a response...as in idiots who yell "Fire" in a crowded theatre.
  • 6 Step Tapping is a simple technique with wide application!
  • The Power Suggestion is given only once with congruence and intention!
  • Hypnosis and personality disorders? We don't know.
  • Just because something is anecdotal doesn't mean it isn't true!
  • Mike has worked with OCD with good results!
  • Only 10% of people are excellent subjects! - But only if you use the same stupid method for everyone: Playing a phonograph record.
  • Is the word label itself a label?
  • Generative change is helping people do things even better!
  • Remedial change is fixing things. But in either case there will be elements of the other...
  • Lucid dreaming can be practiced and improved...
  • Why would you choose a wakeboard when you can have anything in a dream?
  • The brain can produce photo-realistic pixel perfect maps!
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night, go into self-hypnosis and expect a lucid dream to occur...
  • When you see yourself in an image, it's dissociated. When you're inside your own skin, you're associated.
  • Dissociating can instantly reduce discomfort at the dentist, or anywhere else!
  • Build a dissociated image that's powerful, then pull it in to install all the resources..

The Return of Jenny and the Smooth One - Tonight on the Linda Kasabian Network!

  • We believe that all meditation is hypnotis, but all hypnosis isn't necessary meditation...
  • How do you know that your doctor is actually a doctor?
  • How do you create fear? What are the submodalities?
  • Feline Audiogenic Reflex Seizure - Don't chase your cat while shaking aluminum foil!
  • Can limbic system responses be rewired through hypnosis? We don't know.

Empowering Question: Ask yourself...if someone came up to you today...and asked you to explain hypnosis to them...what would your answer be...and how would it impact your own life?

Metafive: Did you write a review for the Palm Pilot?

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Ending: Bastard

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  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.