A Celebration of Context Free Humour – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 200)

We're here, we're almost live, we're celebrating off! Welcome to the Shyzjigg Universe...

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Introduction for Episode 200

Who would ever have believed we'd hit Episode 200!

And why did we hit it? Because of people like YOU!

And lest we forget...


You heard me.

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  1. PRIZE
  3. QUOIN

Show Notes for Episode 200

  • Strongbow Cider! The Official Drink of the British Jiu Jitsu System
  • We don't believe that April Fools Day stops at noon! Bite my wand!
  • Mike's almost 69 years old, which bites the wand, but not in a good way...
  • We're aiming at being back at HypnoThoughts Live this year!
  • Today it's all about the self-indulgent comedy that fills the Shyzjigg Universe
  • The Brain Software Podcast has been around for about ten years!
  • It all started with Riders on the Storm!
  • We used to be arrogant and aggressive, but not any more! Everyone's not a dick...
  • Thanks Brian Knapp for making it all video!
  • "Sipping from a bag of ****sauce" became "Sipping from the Bag of Pykthos!"
  • The Chris and Jeff show! Chris' Mom called him Chrissy!
  • These of victory! Yes they are...
  • All Shyzjigg products are certified 100% ant proof!
  • It started with the Canadian lawyers in defense of wrongfully charged and convicted frottageing santas and birthday party clowns, currently on death row...
  • Dave Shyzzjigg is Danny's father...
  • Then it was on to Gus Grissom, who's still alive and well!
  • Ken Sweatman story begins...thanks Chris...
  • Uncle Bud is based on Mike's actual Great Uncle, Bud Ralston!
  • Dennis Bryce-Morgan was a really clever chap who spoke Brilli...and he was always on Henry Squatter's case...
  • Squatter had a post-mortem erection...Thanks Lady Melbury!
  • Colonel Peter Fitz-Wadsworth Smythe!
  • The Johnnys! There are 12 or so of them now...The most liked was Johnny Brookman ding tilasia!
  • Johnny Baboon called and told me to tell you that Philip Riddaway died last night...screaming!
  • The Melburys! Talk about weird...I mean who names a horse Ballgasm?
  • You're still just Danny! One of our finest creations...
  • Honey Hallmark: The Girl Who Loves Greeting Cards! (We'll edit that out!)
  • Dave Ambrose, the People's Physicist! It's all about the pouch, Scro!
  • The JFK Assassination...Dealey Plaza, Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw, and the grassy knoll...
  • The Spunky and Beezer Show! The only show where you're Spunky, and you're Beezer...
  • Jenny and the Smooth One! (This is Mike's nod to Tom Waits) What the heck is a smooth one?!?
  • Spunkaluccio with his pale blue stocking cap. Basically, he's insane...
  • The Little White Balloon, it flew to the moon. And now he's dead, 'cause it flooded his bed!
  • Larry Gomez: The Man Who Might be Mexican!
  • The Bag Men of Edward the Confessor! Edward did the Royal Touch and cured scrofula!
  • It's all about the wedding tackle, folks!
  • When Drumming Comes, and Juju...
  • Brado, Edderd and Dooter, at HypnoNorth up in Meaford Ontario!
  • Let's talk about gaping in the gapery! The formula is you're doing something in the room designed for that purpose...
  • In like Jack the Ripper! 
  • Whoa! This stuff really comes out!
  • Bavartsch! It's fun to speak Brilli!
  • Loochie! This you can yell for no reason whatsoever...
  • Vumpio and thrustio are NOT words, but they sound obscene.
  • Guinea pig laugh. Mike's done it since high school to annoy people...
  • Ah mm hmmm...
  • Isn't that the hospital where you died? The just could not revive you, though they tried...(The key is to sing it in a Dennis Day tenor voice)
  • The Alice and the French Letter! Visions of styrene plastic...
  • Isn't the real issue here that we're going overtime, and need to get to lunch?
  • I knew a fellow like you...He died in a motorcycle accident!
  • Jerry was SO right about you! (I think you know...)
  • This is how we do it...This is how we do it Downtown!
  • Time for freestyle chanting...Thanks again...and Goodnight!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself ...what are the key hypnotic elements that you have learned...and who did you learn them from?

Metafive: The Show that Never Happened!

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Ending: Danny Boy (and come what may)

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.