What We Have Learned from Other Hypnotists – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 199)

What have we learned from other hypnotists, ancient and modern? Keep listening and you'll find out...

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Introduction for Episode 199

We don't think we know everything about hypnosis, but we have learned a lot of great stuff from some other great hypnotists...

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Show Notes for Episode 199

  • We are at the cusp of launching Foundations Live, so stay tuned...
  • We have a universal hypnotic method that draws from numerous sources!
  • How do you influence people? You must manufacture emotions!
  • Franz Anton Mesmer contributed nothing scientific of note to hypnosis; although he had prestige nailed. He was the first hypnotic rockstar!
  • Mesmer studied with Maximilian Hell and used magnets to stop bleeding. Belief was the basis!
  • Belief plus Anticipation equals hypnosis! - Dr Krasner
  • Marquis de Puysegur was a mesmerist who coined the term "artificial somnambulism" after working with Victor Race, who didn't convulse but looked like a sleepwalker...
  • If you're expected to do the hypnotic funky chicken, you will!
  • Sichort used the same patient all the time and Gil Boyne thought the Sichort state  was crap!
  • Puysegur formed a mental image, believed it was true, and then acted on it...
  • Abbe Faria was a Hindu convert to Roman Catholicism from Goa. He was first to use shock inductions!
  • Sean Michael Andrews credits Faria for creating shock inductions...
  • Gil Boyne did lots of work with shock inductions creating a PGO spike...
  • Bernheim and Liebault worked out of the Nancy clinic...Suggestive Therapeutics is still a good book to this day!
  • Charcot worked with young women exclusively and was into Mesmerism and was likely a dick.
  • Braid gave us the idea of focus to create trance. He wanted to call it monoideism and did NOT come up with the term hypnotism or hypnosis! 
  • De Cuvillers beat Braid to the punch with the term hypnotism by about forty years...
  • Elliotson was the king of the confirmation bias. He was systematically duped by the O'Key sisters.
  • Esdaile wrote Mesmerism in India and cut tumors out of enormously swollen testicles! He reduced post-surgical mortality by using mesmerism as anaesthesia...
  • Emile Coue was a pharmacist and the father of autosuggestion!
  • Sigmund Freud (dick award) was a crappy hypnotist, but we attribute the Affect Bridge to him...
  • Clark Hull - Psychologist and professor wrote Hypnosis and Suggestibility - 1933 "Anything that assumes trance, causes trance."
  • Andre Weitzenhoffer wrote General Techniques of Hypnotism and General Principles of Hypnotism. He gave us the concepts of Heteroaction and Homoaction!
  • Compliance Sets work by creating Heteroaction!
  • Fractionation works through Homoaction!
  • Dave Elman in Fargo North Dakota reads Bernheim and comes up with Fractionation. He's the father of modern day direct hypnotists. Rediscovered the Esdaile State with the means to get there. Did early regression work and rapid inductions...
  • Gil Boyne used shock inductions and combined hypnosis with Gestalt Therapy! His methods were adopted by Charles Tebbetts and then to Roy Hunter.
  • Milton H. Erickson - The greatest of all! He did research, created indirect / conversational hypnosis, used metaphors, rapport, etc., etc., etc.
  • Bandler and Grinder modeled Erickson and others and created NLP. They systematized Erickson's work and made it transferable.
  • The Amazing Kreskin! Did a progressive testing induction. It used heteroaction to create phenomena without an actual induction.
  • James Tripp came up with Hypnosis Without Trance! He did great work in producing phenomena...
  • Karl Smith gave us Kinetic Shift and Mental Detox, and both are brilliant!
  • Marlene Hunter, MD. Excellent work with anxieties and progressive hypnosis for things like fear of flying...
  • Tad James was a solid trainer in Bandler style NLP. He contributed Timeline Therapy TM which is an excellent stand-alone therapy!
  • Derek Balmer was the original NLP Canada. He taught his trainers to use methods that would never work, building great flexibility. He turned alcoholics into social drinkers!
  • Ernest Rossi and Richard Hill - Rossi modeled Erickson and studied with him. Rossi and Hill went on to create Mirroring Hands, which is the new generation of non-directive and client centered therapy!
  • Ultradian rhythms can be used to continue therapy...
  • Igor Ledochowski is a true Hypnotic Wizard. Flexible, ecological, and the power of hypnotic gifts...
  • Anthony and Freddy Jacquin - Street hypnosis, therapy, the Arrow, etc.
  • Michael C. Anthony - The best stage hypnotist who's ever lived! The expert at selling an effect to make it believable!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself ...what are the key hypnotic elements that you have learned...and who did you learn them from?

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