Transforming Yourself with Questions – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 187)

This is the Brain Software Podcast, and it's all about questions today! Why are you talking about questions, you ask...Because we can!

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Introduction for Episode 187

Devon cream and all sorts of other things are available to you now...But why? And why should you even wonder about it? 

So whatever DID happen to that old tranquility we used to know?


So settle in, because it's all coming down...

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  3. CHOKE

Show Notes for Episode 187

  • Software Architecture is a metaphor for building...
  • You must update the software of you life!
  • Architecture of Hypnosis was a metaphor too...
  • You can deliberately choke-off areas of your life...
  • An open-ended question opens pathways and keeps you involved in discourse!
  • Beware of choke questions!
  • Ask questions that locate resources...
  • Questions can open up stuck states and enrich the person's map of the world...
  • When did you come to believe (x)? and How do you know it's true? - Jedi Questions
  • Certain questions cause reconsideration, bringing in new information...
  • Questions can be very powerful!
  • Solutions are not found within problem states!
  • Solutions are always external to the problem and questions will help locate them...
  • Questions activate internal searches and the brain's pattern matching system...
  • How is your situation like: A kitchen? A galaxy? A bicycle?
  • You can ask yourself questions too...
  • Using data instead of questions is not persuasive! 
  • The Magic Question: What do you want? What would you like to have happen?
  • The Evidence Question: How will you know you have it? What will you see, hear, and feel?

Tonight! On the Shyzzjigg Ant-Proof Network: Junior Bird

  • There are thousands of empowering questions you can ask!
  • What is the least important thing that is cluttering up your life, and what will you do about it?
  • How long are you likely to live, and knowing that, how will it affect you?

Empowering Question:  What is your greatest weakness that holds you back...and what are you going to do about it?

  • Mike's greatest weakness was lack of collaboration!
  • We specialize in infectious laughter!
  • What's next?

Metafive: The Hypnotic Time Machine

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Ending: I can make you laugh...

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  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.