Podcast #179 – Performing Surgery in Your Own Brain Now Possible Using Ego State Transformation

This is the Brain Software Podcast with Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel! This is where we talk hypnosis, NLP, and all things life-changing...

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Introduction for Episode 179

Even the title of this podcast is brilliant! We constantly amaze ourselves, but let's keep in mind the dominant question:

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

Actually, we don't really care, because...


So light the Wolfman Candle, because this is the Shyzzjigg Universe...

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 179

  • "Every single one of these words has bagged me, in some way!" - Mike Mandel
  • Remember: Ego states are part of the physical structure of the brain. They are not imaginary!
  • They're created for different roles...
  • They are all about YOU! They are who you are...
  • You can contact the deeper states with hypnosis...
  • Blurter was a blabbermouth, who couldn't shut up!
  • An ego state's name is often its nature or its job...
  • Ego states want a job to do!
  • This is all mainstream science, as crazy as it sounds!
  • Blurter is now Presenter!
  • Trance out and contact the dissociated ego state...
  • This is not for beginners! 
  • Sometimes ego states show up as animals...
  • You cannot change an ego state without its permission...
  • Act as a fair, friendly negotiator...
  • Always check ecology!
  • The is Mike Mandel's original method of Ego State Transformation

Empowering Question: Ask yourself: What behaviour am I exhibiting in my own life...that I would like to begin to transform...in an elegant and effortless way...and how can I use these principles on myself...to make a part of my life so much better...now...?

Metafive: The Two Woodsmen

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