Podcast #176 – CONTROL issues!

This is the Brain Software Podcast with Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel! You've found us, and we're here to talk all about Control...

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Introduction for Episode 176

Guess what? We're talking all about systematic control of people by nasty folks, cults and unscrupulous governments, but seriously...

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?


THESE ARE DAYS OF VICTORY, even though Mike is Sixty Effing Eight!

So listen so they can't control you, Scro! (Clear your throat Bryan Adams...)

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  2. AMBER

Show Notes for Episode 176

  • We start by grinning in the grinnery!
  • Some people thrive on controlling others
  • No human has a right to control others for their convenience!
  • Enneagram Ones control to attempt to fix things
  • One person's "gamer" is another person's psychosexual lunatic!
  • Beware the office you don't know about!
  •  Look for our video: The Invisible Tie on YouTube!
  • Threatening to leave is control! Threatening to reveal things is control!
  • Nefarious governments use fear to control populations...
  • Using fear to control is evil, so is passive aggression
  • Passive aggression is controlling by not doing something...They withhold information, forget to give you messages, show up late, etc.
  • Hell's Kitchen gives great examples of control techniques:
  1.  charismatic and authoritative leader = Prestige
  2. Browbeating and insults to knock people down - it leads to unresourceful ego states
  3. Isolation - A classic means of control, keeping you from friends, family, etc. This is a psychological operation. Some people thrive on controlling other people! Pol Pot, Hitler, Mau, etc.
  4. Keep people off-balance. Woken at 3am!
  5. Alternate browbeating and despair with love bombing! Love bombing affirms and causes a dopamine release! When one team gets a reward, the other team gets punishment! The carrot and the stick!
  6. Sleep deprivation to break down resistance!
  7. Degradation to break the person's humanity...
  8. Using No Sets to prevent them from quitting the group...
  9. Appealing to Esprit de Corps: Breaking individuality for the group. Wearing uniforms!
  10. Polarizing the group to divide and conquer, and creating division within the teams...
  11. Confrontation! Blaming individuals in front of the group!
  12. Mock Trials! They are sent to the Chopping Block...
  13. Controlling through heightened surveillance - Cameras everywhere!
  • CORRECTION: Mike said "Windsor" and meant "Regina". He's been to both casinos for police events.
  • Easy to remember slogans are used. They can be parroted instead of thinking...
  • Ad Hominems are often used to shut down conversation and dissent!
  • Incrementalism can create a slippery slope for you to slide down...It's a slow progression to worse situation - Continual compliance sets!
  • Bandwagon to separate you from the herd!
  • Repetition is the heart of propaganda! - Josef Goebbels 
  • An Enemy...real or imagined. We throw our aggression at the scapegoat!
  • Be informed! Open your eyes! Believe your gut sense!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself: What are the elements of deception that are new to me...and that I need to know about...to ensure...that I can detect them...when they're used on me?

Metafive: Dogmatism

Ending: Isn't that...

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.