Podcast #168 – Cheat Sheets and Exit Strategies

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast. This is episode #168 where we discuss some of the most awesome communication skills imaginable...

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Introduction for Episode 168

Hello, and have you ever eaten Jack Ruby's favourite sandwich, which he ate just before he shot Lee Harvey Oswald: Cardboard and brown paper, dipped in malt vinegar!

But more importantly...


Stay tuned for some really awesome ways to end discussions, and much, much more!

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 168

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  • Don't take notes if your client has a fear of pieces of paper...
  • Don't go into sessions with a plan! That's because no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy...
  • A cheat sheet can be a safety blanket, sort of like Linus on Charlie Brown...
  • Mike's doctor was smart. He gave him a placebo so he could go onstage...
  • When you get the knack, you begin to trust your own unconscious mind!
  • Harvey Specter's hands are always empty, which is awesome! 
  • Go in with a full toolbox rather than a plan!
  • Hypnotic scripts are training wheels and good for study, but don't read them AT a person!
  • If you trust your unconscious to run the therapy, can't you trust it to select the therapy too?
  • Mike tells the story of fixing pseudo-heart attacks - but not the way he planned...
  • Let's talk about Exit Strategies!
  • When the meeting is over, you need a way to get out!
  • In person, just stand up! It breaks state immediately!
  • The imaginary phone-call is a great way to end a conversation as in "Give me two minutes..."
  • You can start your meeting with an open notebook. Then close it firmly to end things!
  • Build rapport. Then when you break rapport, the meeting is over!
  • Back away from the screen to break Zoom and Skype calls...

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Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself what you will do differently than last year and what abilities will you need to make changes that will last for the rest of your life...


The rental car and the door that wouldn't open

Ending: Cut to Reverse Engineering

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  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.