Podcast #162 – All About NLP Part 3

This is episode 162 of the Brain Software Podcast and we'll be talking all about NLP again, in Part 3 of our discussion! Stay tuned for coolness...

Listen to the Episode:

Introduction for Episode 162

There are only 2 groups of people in the world...

But the bottom line is...What ever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

The world is nuts...but...


NLP is awesome, and today we'll look at even more of it.

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  3. MINER

Show Notes for Episode 162

  • Our mandate is to get smarter and have awesome lives!
  • The smarter you get, the more annoying you can be with clever lines...
  • NLP has been around since the mid 1970s...
  • Classic NLP led to John Grinder's New Code! Lots of physical motion...
  • NLP is still only a model! It's useful!
  • Human Givens added relaxation to the rewind technique...
  • You cannot have an emotion backwards! That's how the rewind works.
  • Double-dissociation makes the difference!
  • You watch yourself watching yourself...
  • By running the event backwards from inside the event you recode it...
  • Being in an imaginary roller coaster is a more powerful emotional experience than imagining watching yourself in a roller coaster!
  • New Code NLPs Walking With Grace and Power can also erase lots of bad stuff!
  • In NLP we call Ego States "Parts"...We can access and rewire them!
  • We don't really remember anything...We're always editing!
  • Notice Peak Moments in your life! Notice and anchor it...
  • The tip of the thumb to the tip of the ring finger on the non-dominant hand and saying "awesome!" will anchor that powerful state!
  • Central Park music became an auditory anchor!
  • Chris actually got a home run in men's softball, and yes, he anchored it...
  • NLP is growing all the time, which is good...and bad...
  • For heaven's sake, keep things simple!
  • The Spin is one of the newer patterns, and it's powerful!
  • Chris learned the Spin "differently"...
  • Spinning the feeling with your hands brings in the New Code physicality!

Special Report from Brad in Hypno North, Meaford Ontario

  • NLP provides a great set of tools to put you at Cause!
  • If you're stuck at Environment, you'll feel like life is happening to you...
  • Chris invented the Identity Cascade and it's awesome! "I am...which means...so that..." 

Empowering Questions: 

Ask yourself:  Which of the NLP techniques you've heard about for the last three podcasts intrigues you the most...and what will you do today...to master it and have a better life?

Metafive: The monastery and the flowers

Ending: Some Enchanted Evening

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.