Podcast #161 – All About NLP Part 2

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast. This is episode #161 where we continue from the last episode, to discuss all aspects of NLP - Part 2. 

Listen to the Episode:

Introduction for Episode 161

You wanted the best, and here it is...NLP served up fresh and hot, on the Hypnotic Crazy Train!

Because even if you cannot find that old tranquility we used to know...


Victory for you, and of course for us too! Today we unpack more awesomeness...

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 161

  • First we recap all the cool stuff from last podcast
  • NLP doesn’t work...apparently. It’s not a science, let alone a pseudo-science
  • The Mythology: With NLP you can do anything that anyone else can do. Not.
  • NLP can be a short cut to improvement, but you’re not going to be the world chess champion...
  • Some people learn NLP because they want to be the next Tony Robbins
  • We think you should apply these things in your own life first!
  • NLP does not give you the ability to read minds!
  • Mind reading and complex equivalence are closely related (so don’t write in)
  • Framework is how we approach anything. Frameworks can be unconscious.
  • The Problem Frame = What’s wrong? Use the Outcome Frame!
  • Move from a stuck state to a process based solution...
  • How will I (x)? What will I see here and feel when I have (x)?
  • The Impossibility Frame = I can’t!
  • You can always model someone who can already do it...
  • The AS IF Frame is awesome! It opens up all sorts of possibilities...
  • Not fake it until you make it, but fake it until you become it!
  • A dimmer switch: What would it be like if you were on your way to learning it...
  • The Failure Frame is terrible! Change it to the Feedback Frame. It’s just information, folks! Make sure it’s useful to you...
  • Remember: You have the power to fire toxic people from your life!
  • Stories are useful to help reframe situations...
  • Make sure bearing and heading are the same, so you don’t hit something!
  • The Swish Pattern still works, but not all the time!
  • Start with the image you don’t want! Swish in the image you do want!
  • These NLP patterns work really well when you do them fast...
  • Your brain runs into a road block on the old pattern and looks for a new one!
  • The old pattern becomes pruned and falls away! It’s self-directed neuro-plasticity (Thanks Melissa Tiers!)
  • The New Code Swish uses motion and the hands too...

A Special Report from Brado in Hypno-North, Meaford Ontario!

  • The Pattern Interrupt is Classic NLP! 
  • Learn to put up a Stop sign and shut that pecker down...
  • Once you shut down the one pathway that you don’t want...put in a brand-new path that you do want...
  • Smelling underneath your wristwatch will break most patterns immediately!
  • Melissa Tiers fixed Mike’s pattern: Late night eating pounds of dried fruit!
  • Yell STOP! Hold up your hand and push the picture away. Then say your positive affirmation...
  • Check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy online training!
  • The Hypnotherapy Sandwich blog is here...

Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself:  Since I have much more control over my emotions and my mental states...than someone who doesn’t know these things...what advantage will I gain by learning...to excel in interesting new areas?

Metafive: The story of Norman and Uncle Stan

Ending: It was there that we called him Billy...

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.