Podcast #157 – Mail Bag Edition

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast. This is episode #157 where we answer questions from YOU! An all mailbag edition to get all those key questions answered...

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Introduction for Episode 157

Greetings dear friends! Welcome to the Brain Software Podcast, where we polled our students and listeners for today’s content. This is a mailbag edition, but more importantly...To answer Dave Ambrose’s question:


Stick around and learn something cool...

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 157

  • Nigel asks all about introjects! Ego states aren’t imaginary - they are part of your brain folks!
  • Introjects can function like ego states...they are projections!
  • Even a waterfall or car crash can be an introject!
  • Anything you react to, you are reacting from an ego state that’s executive...
  • Gollum in The Lord of the Rings has a conversation between ego states!
  • Mike has introjects of his father! He hit that rock a billion times...
  • You can dissociate from introjects with Fritz Perls’ method of using chairs...
  • Introjects can speak, and this is mainstream!
  • Noah asks if we can give a 2 minute pitch for hypnosis beginners? Chris says to use the As If Frame! And model pitches that you like from other people!
  • Mark asks what you say when a past client returns and says the problem returned...Maybe you didn’t completely clear the initial sensitizing event!
  • Ask “What changed in your life at the time it came back?”
  • Another definition of insanity is doing a different thing and expecting the same result!
  • If you have rapport and use the Meta Model you can get to the cause...
  • Always remember that there might be a benefit for a behaviour coming back!
  • Dr Manhattan asks how to create the ideal Mandel metaphor? Use impactful stories from your own life! Work backward and work from there...
  • (Mike slips into hypnotic language here)
  • Ken in Quebec asks about pranking friends with hypnotic language to steal their phone, etc.
  • Answer: You can set up compliance sets, pattern interrupt them, use embedded commands, etc.
  • The Henry Kissinger pattern interrupt explained...
  • Mike uses a lot of yes sets and compliance sets!

And Now a Word From our Sponsor - The Shyzzjigg Corporation

  • Patrik in Sweden asks about dealings with inflammation and IBS...
  • Mike thinks Enneagram Sevens and Fives suppress negative emotions...
  • When all else fails you can always go to (DSiH) Direct Suggestion in Hypnosis...(Always have them check with their doctor first!)
  • Kenda wonders if there’s a form needed for online group sessions...Chris says it’s a good idea! Cover your butt and put your ecology and the client’s ecology first!
  • Susie asks what recommendations we have for online sessions...Check out our blog navigation at mikemandelhypnosis.com on this very topic!
  • Chris lists a ton of important stuff here...Fantastic and well-put!

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: Since life is full of interesting questions, which ones will I remember to ask myself regularly to ensure that I am maximizing all that I do and all that comes my way?

Metafive: The math teacher who said Mike would fail...

Ending: The German Prisoner and the bottle of brandy

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  1. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.