Podcast #141 – Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever – Part 2

Greetings from the Hypnotic World Epicenter, Toronto Canada! This is the Brain Software podcast # 141  with Mike Mandel, and Chris Thompson.  Today we talk about more ways you can make 2020 your best year ever, so stay tuned…

Can 2020 really be your very best year to date? We think so!

It’s amazing how a few simple changes can quite literally transform your life! We know…because we’ve done it, and continue to do it. Pick one or two of our suggested shifts and watch it all work for you…

Here are the show notes:

We are the only hypnotic trainers in the world, who dare to ride The Iron Bastard right into the heart of the Hypnotic Storm!

But seriously folks…we just have to ask you:

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?


We are podcasting right from Toronto’s Union Station!

  • We missed the Think Tank Words last podcast!
  • This was supposed to come out on January 3rd! Yikes…
  • Architecture of Hypnosis is coming up in April, so book it now…


  • Who do you love most in the world? What’s their Love Language?
  • If you’re in a relationship with kids…your relationship with your significant other will change…
  • How will you break free from the couch?
  • Isn’t that the hospital where you died?!?!
  • How will you get a good income stream in 2020?
  • “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!” – Aristotle
  • What are you going to master in 2020?
  • If you master the hypnosis basics, you’ll be a hypnotic rockstar!
  • Who can you mentor in 2020? What skills can you give away to others?
  • Who’s the awesome teacher you can learn from in 2020?
  • Work both hemispheres of your brain! Don’t get stuck on one side…
  • Open your mind to new music! There’s more than just R&B…

Commercial Break: The Lawn Tree Blooms!

  • What is the metaphor of your life? Change it if necessary!
  • How will you eat in 2020 to have vibrant health?
  • What exercise will you build in to your routine?
  • Laugh more, but not hysterically…Norman Cousins got it right…
  • Chris is going to have dinner with nephrologist Dr Jason Fung…
  • Get the PE diet from Dr Ted Naiman…you’ll love it.
  • Admit it when you screw up! Don’t be a narcissist!
  • Get out there and affirm other people!
  • Tell the truth! Don’t be a flatterer…
  • Make sure in 2020 that you come up with a strategy to give honest compliments…
  • Be kind to children! We were all kids once…

Empowering QuestionAsk yourself what is it going to take for me to stop waiting for motivation…and make changes that will resonate…for years to come?

The Metafive: Rose Blanche Lighthouse and the child’s bed

Ending: Do we have an ending?

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