Podcast #127 – Hypnosis and Manipulation

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 127. Today we talk about a ton of stuff, including hypnotic manipulation and hypnotic language. Stay tuned for that, and much more!

Here are the show notes:

You can always get enough caviar, but you can never get enough toast to go with it! And speaking of which…whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?


  • The Jacquin training was amazing, with 5 medical doctors, and new student Haley, our first attendee from Alaska! Come to Toronto!  We’re booking November now…
  • Videos of the Jacquin Training are available for pre-order now! The discount expires June 30th, same day we deliver the full video package to customers.
  • The Jacquin Power Lift is a perfect hypnotic induction…
  • Our podcast is “obnoxious” and we’ll “never make it in hypnosis.”
  • Mike is unrepentant because the podcast is an outlet for his own bizarre sense of humour.
  • Chris delivers a one-minute metaphor…All about gymnastic rings…
  • Hypnosis and manipulation! The question comes up all the time…
  • Manipulation is to control or play upon for one’s own advantage.
  • All communication intends a response or change of behaviour. (We think that seduction is manipulation…)
  • We see hypnosis as an amplifier of human experience!
  • “Create an emotion, give a suggestion!” – Freddy Jacquin
  • Purple ladder phobia with cottage cheese on it!
  •  People are ignorant and operate within their own perceptual filters…
  • Our hypnotic language cards help people be more persuasive in their daily lives…
  • “Hypnosis is not a thing! It’s a set of procedures.” – Derek Balmer 
  • Mike remembers what he was going to say! Clean language…
  • Clean language is a tool too! It can be used for good or evil…

THINK TANK WORDS: Mica, Antiaircraft, Nasal

  • Chris asks how Pareto’s Principle applies to hypnosis…
  • Emotional responses are unconscious responses…
  • Mike remembers a guy who used to push people’s buttons to hijack their emotions and control them…
  • That horrendously sad film Love Story! She’s an actress…she didn’t die!
  • Where are the emotions being brought in, and what suggestions are being given?
  • How do you practice using hypnotic language? NUVI helps! That’s because it’s a free course and a free mobile app, and it’s here.
  • Learn, discover, transform…are all unspecified verbs.
  • Chris and Mike begin shifting into hypnotic language and it degenerates rapidly when Chris starts talking about lunch and Mike starts talking about wine.
  • You can practice these patterns in the shower or when driving, because everyone will think you’re on Bluetooth!
  • NUVI can be used as an induction but it’s also training wheels…
  • If you practice with NUVI you will install a hypnotic language generator in your own brain!

Gus Grissom Update! David Ferry reports from New Iberia, Louisiana…

  • Life continues to get stranger and stranger!
  • Someone on Facebook said that we need proper training in order to get someone out of trance. Newsflash: We have that training!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself: Since we are so close to the middle of 2019, what will I do to ensure this is a productive year? What will I begin to do today to make this one of my finest years?

Empowering Metafive: The desk trick

Ending: And come what may…

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Check out our free rapid inductions tutorial because it’s really awesome!

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