Podcast #124 – Suggestion, Regression and Timelines

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 124 – Today we look at direct suggestion vs regression therapy, and the power of personal timelines!

Here are the show notes:

Greetings Storm Riders around the world! Welcome to episode 124. This is a two part series on changework, coming to you from the Hypnodrome, and we’re here for you!

Hello! Hello! What’s going on? What’s all this shouting? We’ll have not trouble here…

These are days of victory, and we’re not kidding!


  • Wizard School is completed, and it was awesome! Thanks Elliott!
  • June Architecture of Hypnosis is coming up! There are a few spots left, so book it now…Come on out (nudge nudge)
  • Check out our totally cool Ericksonian Hypnotic Language cards!
  • Mike just had his 66th birthday! It was a big day for eating-off…
  • Thanks for the presents and all the well-wishes from our students!
  • Mike brilliantly calls Chris’ daughters Vorolaya and Sandusky!
  • Maggie brought an entire bag of Henry Squatter memorabilia!
  • Thanks for the piece of Milton Erickson’s house, David Fairweather!
  • Changework today! How to change others and yourself…
  • DSiH vs Regression Therapy! Let’s talk about it…
  • Even regressionists should use Direct Suggestion at the end of the session…
  • The case of social anxiety treated…An unresourceful Ego State!
  • Ideomotor signals enabled the unconscious running of the event…
  • The affect bridge follows the feeling back to the beginning!
  • You must release the negative emotions, make it rational, and preserves the learnings form the experience.
  • Some people want to forget disturbing events, but we don’t do that…
  • Dr David Cheek and Leslie LeCron did great ideomotor work!
  • The high-pressure emotions can be released like steam…
  • Sometimes only regression will work!
  • We are 4th dimensional beings! We function in time and space…
  • Where is the past, present and future…for you?
  • Mike is In Time…Chris is Through Time!
  • No Gus Grissom sightings worldwide!
  • If your timeline is directly behind you it’s hard to learn from your mistakes!
  • Mike met a creative guy in Sydney whose timeline was nasty!
  • Kyle’s handwriting changed when his timeline changed!
  • Sometimes trauma shows up as dark spots, but not always…
  • I wonder if you can brighten the dark spots? You can always hit an undo button if you don’t like the result!
  • If your timeline is short in the future, you might want to stretch it out more comfortably…

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself what aspect of your life…are you most excited about using to help other people…and how will you begin today? What aspect of your life are you just absolutely thrilled about using to help other people…and perhaps yourself…and how will you begin doing that…with excitement…today?

Empowering Metafive: Bizzy and the scrim curtain!

Ending: Henry Squatter and the death mask

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