Podcast #123 – Turn Insomnia into Quality Sleep

Brain Software podcast 123

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 123 – Get rid of that insomnia! We’ll show you how…

Here are the show notes:

Greetings Storm Riders around the world! It’s blustery outside, but there’s no reason we cannot do an awesome podcast. Today it’s all about insomnia and how to get rid of it, or at least make it better. Stay tuned for some cool awesomeness!

And remember:

These are days of victory! Yes!!!


  • Wizard School, Architecture of Hypnosis, HypnoThoughts Live…it’s all coming up!
  • Think Tank Words of the Day:  BARREL, CASTOR, BELIEF
  • The trainer didn’t believe that belief was important!
  • Let’s talk about sleep and insomnia. Quality is everything!
  • Think of sleep as a nutrient! Just like food (in a way)
  • We’re talking over each other just the right amount! Thanks Lance!
  • If you wake up with an alarm, you’re sleep deprived!
  • Choice you made…Choice you are continuing to make!
  • If you can, go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time…
  • Dreams are in a light sleep, not a deep delta sleep…
  • If you’re deprived of sleep you’ll start hallucinating while awake!
  • 2 primary types of insomnia: Trouble falling asleep at bedtime, and waking up at 3 am
  • Erickson used a bottle of Johnson floor wax to cure insomnia!
  • He got people to do crazy ordeals! Even trim the roses…
  • Watch out for screen exposure before bed, and wake up with a sun alarm if you can get one…
  • Mike’s ingenious clock that falls on your head. You heard it here first!
  • Make sure you’re using night mode on your computer or tablet…
  • Avoid negative news at night. Give your brain a break!
  • Caffeine is in tea and coffee, but also found in chocolate!
  • Red wine can mess up your sleep! The tannins are like histamine…
  • Excitotoxins! They can make your neurons explode! Watch out for MSG and aspartame!
  • We would never tell you to stop drinking soda popIt’s your choice!
  • Eat actual food; the stuff they would recognize 100 years ago…
  • Watch out for the carbohydrates at bedtime! Very, very bad.
  • Mike had a pint of pineapple beer! Oh no! Never say never again…
  • Mike ate toasted mac and cheese sandwich and so did Michael C. Anthony!
  • Stress makes everything worse! Adrenaline trickle will keep you awake…
  • Don’t TRY to sleep! It never works! “Try to get some sleep…”
  • Visit mikemandelhypnosis.com/stress7 for an amazing stress relief product! It’s a miniature vacation for your mind!

A Word From Our Sponsor:  The lawn tree blooms!

  • Exercise helps a lot! A walk after supper can help.
  • Those camping trips and playing outdoors made Mike tired.
  • A soak in a warm bath can help you relax. Quiet music helps too!
  • Napping? Yes, but not too much or too late in the day…
  • 20 minutes to half an hour is enough! Don’t nap after supper!
  • Slipknot is an awesome band! But not a good choice before bed…
  • Keep your room nice and cool with fresh air…
  • Check with your doctor before taking melatonin! It’s a hormone.
  • Herbal preparations include valerian, skullcap, chamomile and hops.
  • Valerian calms most people. But some people find it wakes them up!
  • Calcium and magnesium are nature’s tranquilizers! – Earl Mindell
  • Dr James Denicolantonio wrote The Salt Fix. It’s a good book!
  • People who lie awake flash bright coloured pictures and comment on them in a rapid internal voice!
  • People who fall asleep quickly focus on the kinaesthetic system and slow down the internal voice and make it sleepy…
  • Yawning is highly suggestible! You might want to yawn now…
  • Nux Vomica is great for the 3 am wake up. It’s also called Colubrina
  • Self-hypnosis to the rescue! The breathing with the eyes induction works well…Combine it with Psycho Cybernetics
  • This is our longest podcast to date!
  • Notice the feeling of coolness on the edge of your nostrils as you breathe in, and the warmth as you breathe out…
  • Self-hypnosis gets better as you practice it!

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: Since sleep is a nutrient, what will I do to ensure I get adequate amounts of sleep? What will I do today…to get enough sleep at night…to be at my best…all day?

Empowering Metafive: The man who could sleep anywhere!

Ending: Henry Squatter’s Insomnia

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