Podcast #120 – Communication Tips Part 3

Podcast 120 cover image - Communication Tips

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 120
where we continue our mini-series on communication tips and strategies.

Here are the show notes:

You’re back in the metaphorical driver’s seat! We continue with powerful communication techniques that you can use immediately.

But most importantly…

No matter what dimension you hail from, whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know? 

These are days of victory Scro, but we won’t be talking over each other or doing too many promotions…

  • Mike is scared to speak in case he interrupts Chris!
  • Greg Chandler is using Dr Michael Pantalon’s Instant Influence in a really creative way!
  • Think Tank Word of the Day: MASTICATE
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Irons in the fire share the heat!
  • Humans are not good at multitasking, even if we think we are…
  • Beware of Should!
  • “You need 3 models of the world” – Derek Balmer
  • Watch out for world-view imposition on others!
  • When your model of the world changes, everything changes!
  • Enneagram Type One: Stop should-ing all over me!
  • When autonomy kicks in, the walls go up!
  • Because is a very powerful word…Providing a rationale can make people comply…It can also be an embedded command!
  • Lend me ten dollars! Because…
  • Empowering questions enrich a person’s model of the world and breaks stuck states!
  • WHY is great when looking for new possibilities, but not so good for attempting to solve a problem.
  • Point out problems to stir the pot. Then offer the solution!
  • Learn exit strategies! Drop the subject when it’s over.
  • Make sure you’re in the right state for the job…We do it by tapping the 9-gamut spot and making affirmations! You can change beliefs instantly!
  • Bring the ego state that’s best for the job to the executive…
  • To get the Igor Ledochevski interview go to: m.me/mikemandelhypnosis to get to our Facebook messenger! Then type: interview
  • Failure is only feedback. Find the takeaway in the information…
  • When people get emotional, they get stupid. – Griffin and Tyrrell
  • Stay cool and you’ll keep the shades of meaning, because black and white thinking sucks!
  • Dissociation can help you deal with negative emotions! Including criticism…
  • Sub-modalities can dull the emotions even more…

Special Bulletin: Storm Rider David Frenulum reports from Colonel Mustard’s in Port Perry, Ontario!

  •  Clean Language comes from David Grove. We speak in metaphors all the time! Judy Rees has a great book on this.
  • What would you like to have happen? It’s even stronger than “What do you want?”
  • Don’t unpack negative metaphors! That’s mean and nasty…
  • Lead the person out of the negative metaphor to a positive one!

Empowering Questions: What is the biggest positive change you’ve ever made in your life…and what can you still learn form it today? So…looking back over the years what changes or change have you made…that’s so powerful that it’s still affecting you today…in ways you haven’t noticed…until now?

Empowering Metafive: FARS

Ending: The Chris and Jeff Show Returns!

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