Podcast #117 – Powerful Communication Strategies – Part One

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 117
 where we begin a new mini series on the simple principles of effective communication!
And check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Make sure you send in your questions, which will be used in future podcasts! And come to Toronto and study with us!

Here are the show notes:

Let’s be honest! Forget about the wheat farming! We know, that you know, that this is the most important question of all:

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know? 

These are days  victory, so join me in shouting “Lootchie!” and

“Ba vartsch!”

  • Chris has a new designation: The mannish boy!
  • Feel free to use “Ba vartsch” whenever you need it! It’s a greeting, it’s an insult, it’s a curse, it says goodbye, too!
  • Today we begin a mini-series on communication!
  • Wizard School is coming up in April!
  • The Jacquins are coming to Toronto in May! Yes, we got both of them!
  • May Architecture of Hypnosis is still sold-out, but June dates are now announced!  June 24-18 in Toronto.
  • November 18-22 Architecture of Hypnosis is booking now!
  • Think Tank Word of the Day: Insincere
  •  Sincerity can be congruent…Watch out for the overly sincere detector!
  • Why does she care so much?
  • Shout “Ba vartsch!” and tell us what happens!
  •  Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication…
  • You MUST calibrate to be a good communicator!
  • You can’t see what you’re not looking for! – Derek Balmer
  •  Intercourse can be social, but still offensive to some!
  • Chris leads to the word “erection” and Mike shouts “Ba vartsch!”
  • Stress makes the processing of negatives more difficult…
  • Humans delete, generalize and distort all the time!
  • The Critical Faculty goes offline during profound stress!
  • Tell people what to do, rather than not to do…Be positive!
  • Double-binds present alternatives that can influence others…
  •  Presupposition implies something will happen…
  • Ecology and ethics first! Please be kind to people.
  • Keep adrenaline out of the equation! Make it data…
  • Emotional engagement causes temporary stupidity!
  • Men disengage so they don’t die of heart attack or stroke!

A word from our Sponsor – The Lawn Tree Blooms! Tonight on the Zapruder Film Network

  • Proxemics! Edward T. Hall – Ranges of human interaction…
  • Stranger range, social range, intimate range…
  • Let the other person pick the proxemics!
  • Don’t poke people in the sternum to make a point!
  • Remember to watch out for physical alignment too!

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: What will happen when I start behaving like a brilliant communicator and add some new techniques to my repertoire?

Empowering Metafive: The Camera in the Throat

Ending: Beds are Burning
(Honestly, can you tell we did NOT rehearse this at all?)

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