Podcast Session 11: Telemarketers, Lucid Dreaming and more Hypnosis Q&A

Brain Software hypnosis podcastThe best hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP podcast on the planet is back with Session 11! Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson dive right into the topics you’ve been asking about.

We start off with a great breakdown, by Mike, about how a telemarketer fraudster used a compliance tactic against a listener. Yes sets and compliance sets can give you the inroad you need to get others to go along with your requests. Watch out for telemarketers using this against you!

Mike also shares some tips on lucid dreaming and we discuss the hypnogogic state. We tackle several other questions including how to draw in an audience when presenting!

Then we end with what I suspect is our most bizarre metaphor and extro ever.


UPDATES: Mike’s next hypnosis class happens in mid April 2012. There may still be room for last minute signups, but I’m honestly not sure at this point. Contact NLP Canada Training. Sign up early to get a spot!

Mike and I are working towards establishing a 5-day intensive hypnosis training later in the summer. It will be in Toronto. Let us know if you’re interested.

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