Podcast Session 08: Hypnogogic states, dreams and much more Q&A about hypnosis

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The world’s best hypnosis podcast continues!

In Session 8, Mike Mandel talks about utilizing the hypnogogic state to segue into a guided dream that you’ll remember in the morning. Very cool stuff!

Chris asks Mike lots of questions that were sent in by email. Why do we use 3 resource options in the NLP edit “dock on the bay”? Should you use amnesia to “forget” a past love? Mike really breaks this one down and suggests much better options involving internal alignment. What are some ways to help somebody relax and calm down so they can fall asleep more easily? Mike explains the two types of insomnia along with some suggestions for dealing with them. The discussion on getting to the threshold of change is fascinating. How do you get into a creative state to write stories?

The closing metaphor is a true story about Mike Mandel’s first meeting with Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. If you have questions for a future podcast send them to questions@MikeMandelHypnosis.com and be sure to visit MikeMandelHypnosis.com

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