Podcast Session 05: More Q&A on hypnosis, mentalism, metaphor and upcoming training

Brain Software hypnosis podcast
In Session 5 Mike Mandel handles many more of your questions. Here are the show notes:

  • Dealing with sleep paralysis
  • Full body catalepsy in stage hypnosis
  • More about reality tunnels
  • Positive and negative anchors (in NLP)
  • Hypnosis for weight loss (or weight management)
  • How often should you use hypnosis recordings?
  • We also discuss the “castle” that everyone seems to want to visit from Mike’s CDs.
  • Hellstromism – how to find hidden objects by having a subject’s mind guide you to it.

The closing metaphor for this session is “Poor Rupert”, which has a wonderful message for your unconscious mind.

Mike’s next hypnosis class happens in April 2012. Get the details at NLP Canada Training. Sign up early to get a spot!

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