Podcast Session 02: The most popular hypnosis questions and answers

Brain Software hypnosis podcast
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Mike Mandel tackles a wide variety of common questions about hypnosis. Can everyone be hypnotized? What if you think you can’t visualize? Should hypnotists use scripts with clients? What does AC/DC music have to do with hypnosis? With hypnosis, what are the differences between so-called “conscious” and “unconscious” activity? Mike brilliantly explains the critical faculty, which separates the conscious and unconscious mind. Did you know fear and stress make you more suceptible to suggestion? What does hypnosis feel like? When you come out of trance how do you were hypnotized? Dr. Mandel also shares some of the secrets of mentalism with The Acid Test, a very cool trick he’s performed for live audiences in the past. Starting on this podcast session, Mandel will be offering a therapeutic metaphor at the end of each session. No charge 🙂