Self Hypnosis For Sleep

self hypnosis for sleep

It was a few years ago that I found myself awake in the middle of the night. It was two or three in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. This was not the first night. In fact, for many nights I suffered with insomnia. I couldn’t sleep. Nothing I tried worked. I mean it, nothing.I […]

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Hypnosis vs. Meditation – What’s The Difference?

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Are hypnosis vs. meditation the same thing or are they different? Are you sure? If you study hypnosis long enough, you will see the parallels between some forms of meditation and hypnosis. At the same time, if you study meditation long enough you will likely come across hypnosis. This is especially true with self-hypnosis. And […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hypnotic Inductions


There are so many different hypnotic inductions available to choose from. Where do you start? In this detailed guide on hypnotic inductions we’ll turn you into an expert.You’ll not only understand how practically every induction works … you’ll soon get comfortable making up your own hypnotic inductions!Ready? Here we go!Induction is how we create a […]

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Podcast #119 – Interview with Anthony and Freddy Jacquin


Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 119 where we tale a short break from effective communication to interview the amazing Jacquins! And check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Make sure you send in your questions, which will be used in future podcasts! And please come to Toronto and study with us, Pablo […]

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How to Develop Instant Influence


Do you wish you were more influential? If so, you might want to read what we’ve got to say about a book called Instant Influence.We read it, we loved it and we want to share what we learned with you.Obviously you don’t have to read this article (or watch the accompanying video). But how might […]

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