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Build Your Memory … Easily

How often do you shake hands at the start of a business meeting and get the other person’s name, only to instantly forget it the moment the handshake is over? It happens to all of us. But with the tools you are about to learn from this “Memory Power” course, you will laugh at how easy it is to build a powerful memory. After one hour of using this audio program you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. It will take you nearly no effort to memorize and recall a list of 10, 20 or even more items. But this recording goes far beyond that. You’ll be able to remember names, faces, places, recall lists in any order, etc. More than just a cool party trick, this is really useful for students and business people.

You’ll also be able to remember names (associated to faces), phone numbers, license plates, or pretty much anything you like. Use these skills and it will become second nature.

What’s Included?

Track 1 is a conscious teaching track. You’ll discover powerful strategies to remember practically anything, including random lists (in any order) of up to 20 items, names, phone numbers, and more. You can take this skill as far as you want to take it. This is not a hypnosis track, it is a conscious teaching track.

Track 2 is the hypnosis track. You’ll be guided through a wonderful trance, which is used to add new programming to your unconscious mind to support your new memory skills. You should listen to this track, if possible, while in a quiet environment, free from distraction, and use headphones for optimal sound.

Audio Sample from Memory Power

Here is a sample clip where Mike Mandel explains the “secret” to how your memory actually works. The lesson on this CD teaches you how to harness the power of this secret. The hypnosis track reinforces this by utilizing deep trance and unconscious communication.

For iPhone users just click here to listen to the sample.

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