Brain Software E-Book

By Mike Mandel, Master Hypnotist and NLP Trainer

You can now download the entire Brain Software E-book for free.

These Powerful Communication Techniques Are Now FREE

"Brain Software" is a keynote presentation that Mike Mandel delivers to live audiences. Companies pay thousands of dollars to have him teach this material. He's now put the lessons into an easy-to-follow Brain Software PDF e-book that you can download free.

Master Your Internal Communication

How you communicate with yourself (internal dialog) plays a critical role in your success! Mike Mandel shows you how fix the biggest mistakes people make.

Make People Like You

People like people who make them feel good about themselves.  This is called rapport. Discover the easy secrets to build rapport every time.

Use "Power Language"

We call it power language because it will give you verbal influence skills you'll wish you had years ago.

Two-Step Strategy to Get What You Want

This simple technique is the so simple but always works whenever someone tries to guilt you into something or intimidate you. It's also great for overcoming a "no" in any customer service situation.