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Take Control of Your Life and Make Powerful Changes with Self Hypnosis

You’ve heard about the power of hypnosis. But what’s next? What if you could learn to make the kinds of changes you’ve always wanted to make in yourself.

What would you change? What possibilities really excite you?

We’ve got good news for you.

Self hypnosis is an awesome way to help make those positive changes. We put together a video course that makes hypnosis easy to understand, fast to learn and simple to do.

You’ll learn how to become your own agent of personal change. You’ll use the power of your own brain to make the kinds of changes that just don’t seem to happen when you try to change using traditional approaches.

Using logic or willpower is something you do consciously. But so much of your belief, behaviour and performance is driven by the unconscious. These are the things that operate below your threshold of awareness most of the time.

That’s where hypnosis shines. And because you’re the hypnotist when doing self hypnosis, you’ll be able to make the changes that YOU want.

Read This Before Going Further

Self hypnosis can seem like magic but it is not magic. It can help you get results when you know what you want, and when you’re actually at the point of truly wanting to make change.

For example, if you know you “should” quit smoking but don’t actually want to quit, this program won’t help you. If you know you “should” avoid sugar but you don’t actually plan to stop eating sugar, this program won’t help.

If you’re ready to make a change and you can honestly say to yourself ...


Something had to change


The change has to be NOW


It has to be ME that changes

Then this program could be exactly what you need. And to make this simple for you we’ve provided you with two pricing options below.

We also know that nobody likes to feel sold to. That’s why we suggest you think of these offers as test drives. We think you’ll love this program. But if not, that’s totally fine. Our simple refund policy has you protected. See the FAQ section below for full details.

What’s Included in Easy Self Hypnosis

Easy Self Hypnosis is a video training course designed for you to study at your own pace. It’s broken down into 5 main sections with a total of 41 bite-sized videos. The whole program is about YOU. It’s designed to show you how to become your own agent of change.



You’ll learn what hypnosis is and how it works. You’ll discover how all hypnosis is self hypnosis, and how you can become your own best hypnotist for personal change.

4 videos

Prep Work and Principles

Mike teaches you the basic principles of personal change so that you’ll know exactly how to set up your self hypnosis sessions for maximum results. By this point in the program you’ll be ready to hypnotize yourself and excited by how easy this can all be.

3 videos

Hypnotizing Yourself

This is where you’ll learn how to put yourself into a hypnotic trance and deepen the experience for best results. We’re giving you lots of choice. You’ll learn many different methods for putting yourself into hypnosis. Pick the ones you like best and use them to guide your personal change work.

14 videos

Techniques for Personal Change

This is where the real transformation happens! It’s time to take the basic concepts you learned earlier and actually put them to use. You’ll be learning how to fix problems as well as make good things even better! A wide variety of techniques means you’ll have a broad toolbox of choice.

18 videos

Taking Action and Q&A

Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson share a detailed conversation about how to best take action on what you’ve learned in this program, and also answer some of the most common questions about using self hypnosis.

2 videos


The best way to access Easy Self Hypnosis is to become a member of our Personal Growth Membership. This course, and many others, are all included at one convenient monthly price. If you prefer, you can purchase just Easy Self Hypnosis for a one time fee.


Easy Self Hypnosis

  • Immediate access to both audio tracks
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  • One time purchase


Personal Growth Membership

  • Includes full toolbox of self improvement skills
  • Ideal for making sweeping changes in your life
  • Immediate access


Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, of course. You may request a full refund within 30 days via email to Our products are high quality and well loved, but we understand they won’t be a fit for everyone.

How do I access the training?

You’ll login to our private membership portal at or with the dedicated mobile app (iPhone / Android)

What payment forms are accepted?

We take debit/credit cards and PayPal. Pricing is in US dollars.

Which purchase option is best?

The solo purchase is best for people who *only* want this Easy Self Hypnosis program for a single one-time price. The Personal Growth Membership is best for those who want a much larger library, and are comfortable with a low ongoing membership fee, which can be cancelled anytime.

About Mike Mandel

Mike Mandel is a professional hypnotist, speaker, and trainer, with nearly 50 years experience. His clients include police services, government organizations and blue chip companies. With a wealth of experience as a forensic hypnotist, stage performer, therapist, and keynote speaker, Mike is widely regarded as one of the premier hypnotists in the world today. In 2019 he was selected to give the keynote address at HypnoThoughts Live; the world’s largest hypnosis convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.