The Mother of All Updates


Normally I write these kinds of updates as broadcast emails, but since there is so much happening over at Mike Mandel Hypnosis I figured a blog post is in order. So here goes! Over the last few months Mike and I have shifted our focus to dramatically improve the content inside of the Mike Mandel […]

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Is Hypnosis Just Manipulation?


Is hypnosis manipulative, evil and unethical? If you pay attention to people who don’t know any better, you’d be led to think so. We made this video as a fun way to differentiate between hypnosis as a tool and manipulation as the intent behind a behaviour. Watch the video here: Looking for the hypnosis language cards shown […]

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Instant Hypnosis Demystified


Instant hypnosis and power inductions are an area that seems like real magic. After all, if you ever see street hypnosis videos on YouTube, you might believe it is magic. Here’s the thing. Instant hypnosis isn’t magic. In fact, it’s not as instant as you might believe. Allow me to explain…Hypnosis Structure 101The first thing you must […]

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5 Myths Of Hypnotic Suggestion

5 Myths of Hypnotic Suggestion

Hypnotic suggestion can be a confusing concept. But it is much simpler than you might realize. Most people misunderstand the idea of hypnotic suggestion and that is a big mistake.In fact, I’ve noticed there are some real myths that people have about hypnosis. Of course, movies and television shows are largely to blame. Most of […]

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Dealing with Insomnia


Has this happened to you?You lie there. You toss and turn, or just stare at the ceiling. Your body is tired, but your mind is wide awake. Thoughts of what you need to do tomorrow flash across your mind’s eye. You wonder whether it’s a good idea to get up, but you decide to continue […]

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Forgiveness: how to forgive and move on with your life


Forgiveness and Unforgiveness…Two sides of the same coin. We recommend you read this short text first, then watch the video below. We all know how hard it can be to forgive someone who’s ripped us off or bad-mouthed us to others. Their very presence, or even just thinking about that person can raise our blood pressure and […]

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Golf Hypnosis And Visualization


Golf hypnosis is a powerful tool for golfers at any level. It is something under-utilized by professional and amateur golfers, despite its incredible effectiveness. I am a golfer. I’m also a hypnotist. And being both I can tell you that it’s mind blowing to me how much money and time golfers waste on equipment and green […]

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