Podcast #138 – Aim Your Brain


Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 138, coming to you from Toronto Canada, with Mike Mandel, and I’m Chris Thompson.  Today we discuss ways to focus your reticular activating system so you get what you want in life! (more…)

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Introducing Hypnotic Metaphors and How They Work

Here’s a video that we’ve taken out of Lesson 7 from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.  Metaphor is a powerful hypnotic technique because you can make your conversation a trance induction.  You can help people just by telling little stories.  They key is to keep metaphors short. You don’t want to bore people. They should be […]

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How Confusion Helps in Hypnosis


Good hypnotic work happens when you de-potentiate the conscious mind. In this video, Mike Mandel explains what this means and how confusion can help. Watch this first, then keep reading. Confusion is a great way to bypass the person’s critical faculty and cascade them deeper into trance. You can craft questions that create confusion using the examples […]

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