Your Friends, Family and Colleagues Will Think You Have Strange Psychic Powers

With Mike Mandel's Graphology Training You'll Be Able to Quickly and Accurately Analyze Someone's Handwriting Giving you Amazing Insight into Their Personality.

Currently Available as an Online Course

From the desk of Chris Thompson
Toronto, Canada

Dear Reader,

Graphology is incredible! Let’s start with an introduction to the subject. In this quick video, Mike teaches you several quick techniques you can use to analyze your own handwriting or a sample from a friend, colleague or complete stranger.

If you enjoy this we know you’ll absolutely love the full Graphology training, which is available BOTH as a live class or as on-demand digital video.

After This Class You'll Be Able To:

  • Immediately know the emotional responsiveness of anyone you meet – Are they cool headed? Impulsive? Unstable?
  • Detect deception and manipulation with the skill of a forensic investigator!
  • Determine the compatibility of couples in just minutes!Detect psychopathy, criminality and predispositions to violence!
  • Screen employees, your baby-sitter and even “friends” by their writing!
  • Spot the writing of an embezzler!
  • Gain startling insights into your own relatives. You’ll be amazed what you discover…
  • Accurately determine aggression, unmask Con Men, and see through insecurities!
  • Spot numerous positive traits instantly, including generosity, friendliness, humour and honesty!
  • See instantly who can keep secrets and who can’t keep their mouths shut!Detect sham immediately. Is she for real, or putting up a clever front?
  • Spot drug-use, mental illness and suicidal tendencies!