Become Lean, Strong and Happy

Using Simple, Sound Science  Without Eating Tasteless,
Boring Food That Leaves You Constantly Hungry.

This is a bit of a weird page. We’re going to give you the secrets behind what we’re selling up front. Then, if you want to join us for more, you can.

Why give away the secrets? Because this stuff is super important and you should feel good knowing you can do this on your own if you want. If you prefer to join our community you can do that too.

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Unfortunately, there is some really bad news when it comes to health. Did you know that two thirds of the American population is overweight? The data from Canada and most other modern countries is the same. It’s a disaster.

Do you want to be a part of that statistic? Of course you don’t. We would much rather be lean and strong. That makes us happy.

Now for the good news: The reason most people are overweight is really easy to understand. Once you understand it, you can make changes. And we’re not talking about crazy changes that involve bland food and hours of being a slave to the treadmill in your local gym.

Instead we’re talking about doing the same thing that people did for thousands of years to naturally stay thin back when there was no such thing as a “diet”, and no such thing as a gym. here...

Here’s how you can achieve wellness and be healthy, broken down into three simple steps.

Step 1: Eat real food and not processed junk.

We put this first because it’s by far the most important thing to get right. Your diet is what you eat on a daily basis, not some temporary thing you do to lose weight. A proper diet is based on real food, not factory-created industrialized franken-food.

There is a huge problem with the Standard American Diet (read “SAD”). Specifically, it’s the reliance on processed carbohydrates coming from cheap grains and sugar.

Grains have been pushed on society because “experts” thought that we needed to cut back on dietary fat to lose weight.

Fat got replaced with sugar, wheat, corn, and other garbage that makes people fat and sick. Especially in the doses eaten by the average person on the SAD diet.

If you stick to real food that people would recognize 100 years ago you end up eating meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dairy, fish, eggs, and some whole fruit. It’s absolutely delicious and keeps you full for a long time.

You never have to count calories or think about portion size. You just eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re not hungry anymore.

Step 2: Build activity into your life.

This comes second because physical activity helps you to be strong and feel great. Ideally you’ll build basic body weight exercises into your lifestyle. But this only takes a few minutes, a few times per week.

You’ll be happy to know that activity is NOT about burning calories. We don’t count the calories we eat, so we don’t count what we burn through exercise. Instead just become a more active person so your body’s own control systems can function optimally.

We encourage our Wellness Academy students to do plenty of walking. It’s easy to build this into your day to day life so it takes practically no extra time in your schedule. If it’s complicated or takes too long most people won’t do it.

When you eat right and use your body with regular activity, you’ll feel great and look great. And this is all held together by the “glue” of step 3, which is …

Step 3: Use Your Brain to Make This Seem Effortless!

We call this the Mental Game, and we put it as step 3, at the bottom, because it’s like the foundation of a strong building. It supports everything!

As hypnotists and personal development experts, we understand how to influence human behavior ... including yours!

Maybe you’ll need support building healthy eating habits or crushing those old, unhealthy food cravings. Perhaps you don’t want to put off exercise any longer. Or maybe you just need to be in regular communication with like-minded people for a regular dose of motivation.

Our “Brain Software” podcast is packed with awesome strategies to get motivated, and it’s all free for the taking.

But inside of the Wellness Academy we’ve created custom videos to build a strong foundation of knowledge and thinking patterns.

Plus we’ve created some custom hypnosis recordings to reprogram your mind.Those are the three key steps to wellness, and they really are simple.

If you are ready to make changes in your life just start right now! But if you’d like to join us in the Wellness Academy we can help you get even faster and better results.

What Exactly is the Wellness Academy?

A community of goal-oriented people like you! The most important feature is our Facebook community of lifetime members. Mike, Chris and YOU can share comments, videos, motivation and tips. This is something you remain a part of. 

A clear 4-week program to build momentum. We guide you through all of the essential steps required to establish new, healthy habits. 

Only needs about 30 minutes per day during this month. That's all it takes for us to give you the knowledge and tools needed to build a better life.

Go at your own pace and when it's convenient for you. All of the training is online, on demand. You can login and review anytime with no restrictions.

We cover ALL THREE AREAS of diet, activity and mental game. You'll know how to eat right, how to move your body and you'll reprogram your brain for success.

Custom hypnosis audio tracks. We've incorporated several short hypnosis tracks to reinforce the changes you'll be making. These take less than 15 minutes and can be used anytime you like.

Lifetime access to the program. Everything will remain in your account forever, so you don't need to feel rushed in case life gets in the way.

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Lifetime access to the Facebook Group. This is how you'll interact with us and other members of the Wellness Academy. We share pictures of what we eat, videos of us exercising, and live broadcasts just to answer questions and help you out. Being around supportive, like-minded people is proven to boost your success. 

$197 Value: The Personal Development Academy is INCLUDED. Because the mental game is so important to your success we are giving you the Personal Development Academy, which sells on our website for $197 separately. 

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We decided to include this because it's the ultimate "mental game" training and it plays a key role in your success.

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In a nutshell, the Personal Development Academy is the ultimate shortcut to creating lasting personal change. It's 64 videos on personal empowerment, influencing others and influencing yourself.

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We believe in crystal clear guarantees.  If for any reason you are not totally thrilled with the Wellness Academy just let us know within 60 days for a  full refund.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee your success with the program because that part is up to you.  You have to go through our training and take action. If you do we believe you'll see awesome results.  So while we can't guarantee what you'll actually do with this information we CAN guarantee your satisfaction and make this a risk-free decision for you.

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