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Bonus Podcast: All About the Enneagram


Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Brain Software podcast. It’s all about the Enneagram personality typing system! It’s not a numbered episode of the Brain Software series, but we know you folks have expressed an interest in this topic. Mike and Chris had a chance to sit down with Bettylynn Stoops, an Integral […]

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Brain Software Podcast #50: The Magic of Mentalism


Welcome to Episode 50 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’ve got something special in store for you in this week’s episode filled with information and as usual, humor. So sit back, relax and enjoy a ride in the hypnotic storm. Here are the show notes for this episode: We’ve got our MINDSCAPING […]

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Podcast Session 03: Hypnosis Q&A, metaphors, headaches, hilarious stage hypnosis “therapy” and the Acid Test revealed


In this session we cover many typical questions about hypnosis. Can you hypnotize a strong willed person? How do metaphors work? We talk about using submodality shifts to eliminate headaches. Mike talks about some of the most interesting shifts he’s seen people make using hypnosis. Mike tells one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever […]

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