Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis

Discover Powerful Ways to Physically Relax, Reduce Stress and Use Self Hypnosis

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Access Details: The Stress Relief product was originally recorded as a physical CD, but has been upgraded as a digital program that can be downloaded or accessed (streamed online) in your personal product library anytime from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Stress is widely believed to be responsible for 99% of all illness.

Most people are suffering from some degree of mental stress. Very few people actually know how to deal effectively with their own stress. We believe your life will get better when you learn to be one of those few!
Don’t be the next person to have stress hurt you, or cut your life short. When you really begin to think about the long-term detrimental effects on your life from stress, there is simply no excuse not to do something about it. Mike Mandel teaches you how to reduce stress levels quickly using simple techniques that you can apply anywhere, at any time.

What’s Included?

Track 1 is a conscious teaching track. You’ll learn many effective techniques to reduce stress quickly. Many of our customers feel that the best part of this track is the self hypnosis lesson, where you learn how to put yourself into trance anytime, anywhere. You’ll learn how to do hypnosis on yourself without any recording playing. You’ll simply utilize the sights, sounds and feelings in your existing surroundings.

Track 2 is the unconscious hypnosis track. You’ll be guided through a wonderfully relaxing experience. Mike Mandel’s gentle hypnotic voice will drop you deeply into trance and install programming in your brain to be more effective at managing stress. You should listen to this track, if possible, while in a quiet environment, free from distraction, and use headphones for optimal sound.

This audio product is ideal for helping you to relax, reduce stress, power nap and just unwind. Trance out for a quick break, use self hypnosis on a plane, or whenever you wish.

Audio Sample from Self Hypnosis with Stress Relief

In this audio clip, Mike Mandel introduces you to his method of hypnosis. After hypnotizing 90,000 people during his career, he is a global authority and recognized expert in the field.


For iPhone users just click here to listen to the sample.

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