Relax and Reduce Stress with this

Self Hypnosis Audio Track

A miniature vacation for your mind. Learn how to relax and let go of stress anytime, anywhere.

Stress is a contributing factor to almost all illness and disease. Reduce unwanted stress for your happiness and health.

Most people are suffering from some degree of mental stress. Very few people actually know how to handle their own stress. We believe your life will get better when you learn to be one of those few!

Don’t be the next person to have stress hurt you, or cut your life short. When you really begin to think about the long-term detrimental effects on your life from stress, there is simply no excuse not to do something about it.

Mike Mandel teaches you how to reduce stress levels quickly using simple techniques that you can apply anywhere, at any time.

Two Audio Tracks for Total Power

Track #1 is a teaching track. Enjoy listening to Mike Mandel teach you several powerful methods you can use immediately to relax and reduce stress almost anywhere from your office boardroom to that uncomfortable airplane seat. You'll also learn a powerful method of self hypnosis, so you can put yourself into a relaxing and healing trance whenever you need.

Track #2 is a hypnosis track. This is what you'll use anytime you want to zone out and relax to Mike Mandel's hypnotic voice. This track is about 30 minutes and is by far our most popular hypnosis audio track. 

Full Product Details

  • Track #1 teaches you incredibly effective relaxation techniques.  In about 30 minutes you'll have a handful of new tools you can use practically anytime, anywhere.
  • Track #2 is an INCREDIBLE relaxing hypnosis session.  There is no doubt that this particular hypnosis track is the most popular Mike has ever created. In about 30 minutes  you'll experience a miniature vacation for your mind.  Use it anytime you need it.
  • You'll also learn how to hypnotize yourself! Mike teaches you an incredibly effective method to drop yourself into a profound relaxing trance anytime you need. Great for quick breaks during the day or to fall asleep at night. This technique is taught on Track 1.
  • Immediate access. Download the audio tracks or play them right from your browser in our beautiful customer portal.
  • As always, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you aren't totally thrilled you have a full 60 days to ask for your money back. Our email address is and our business thrives on making sure our customers are taken care of!

Start Letting Go of Stress Now.

You have two purchase options. Both come with the same 60-day satisfaction guarantee. You can either buy JUST this audio program, "Stress Relief", or you can buy our full package, the Personal Development Academy, which includes this "Stress Relief" program and a collection of our best training in self improvement. You are free to make the best choice for you.


Stress Relief & Self Hypnosis Audios

  • Immediate access to both audio tracks
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  • One time purchase


Personal Growth Membership

  • Includes full toolbox of self improvement skills
  • Ideal for making sweeping changes in your life
  • Immediate access

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About Mike

Mike Mandel is a professional hypnotist, speaker, and trainer, with nearly 50 years experience. His clients include police services, government organizations and blue chip companies. With a wealth of experience as a forensic hypnotist, stage performer, therapist, and keynote speaker, Mike is widely regarded as one of the premier hypnotists in the world today. In 2019 he was selected to give the keynote address at HypnoThoughts Live; the world’s largest hypnosis convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.