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Stage Hypnosis, Mentalism and Performance

Want to do hypnosis and mentalism for audiences?
This course is packed with secrets from the man
Mike Mandel calls "The world's best stage hypnotist".  

Only $397 and includes Huge Bonus Package 

From Mike and Chris ...

This weekend class was incredible. Michael blew people's minds and gave so much value. His process makes it easy to do hypnosis demonstrations and mentalism. This is the best stage hypnosis course you can get, apart from working directly with Michael as a student.

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Here's What's Covered

Everything needed for an amazing show!

Your Introduction

The right way to create your introduction for any performance, and have it professionally produced for dirt cheap.

Awesome Ice Breakers

Mentalism and cool tricks fascinate people. Fascinated people pay attention to you and become better hypnotic subjects. Michael shows you many tricks from his shows including one that takes just 10 seconds. You'll impress people with these tricks.

A Lecture That Builds Interest

Michael shows you exactly how to transition from the intro & ice-breakers into a pre-talk that builds momentum, interest and drives volunteers.

Suggestibility Tests Done Right

Michael shows you exactly how to do suggestibility tests in a group environment. They become part of the hypnosis process and smooth the way to the induction even though the audience has no idea they're already being hypnotized. 

The Hypnotic Induction

Michael shows you exactly how his stage induction works. This is where bodies start dropping to the floor and the audience gets excited. It's EASY and he shows you everything. Michael shows you how to layer in Ericksonian language so everyone knows that something different is happening!

Suggestions That Make the Show

How to deliver suggestions to your volunteers that are both funny and build an entertaining expectation for your audience. We cover group suggestions and single suggestions.

Routines That Get Huge Laughs

You want the audience laughing hysterically? Engage the emotions of the volunteers in the way that Michael teaches. There are some amazing gems of brilliance in this class!

Volunteer Management

You’ll Learn The Secrets Of Instant Rapport. Master the quick trick Michael uses that will have your audience on the edge of their seats in the first 10 seconds of your performance. You’ll learn it fast and use it everywhere.

Billing is in US Dollars

You'll Learn These Mentalism Tricks that Blow People's Minds

These mentalism tricks can make you seem like the life of the party. No special skills are required. They boost your credibility as a hypnotist. They're awesome for fascinating people before doing therapeutic hypnosis (especially kids). 
Make impossible card predictions

Ask a stranger to think of any card in an imaginary deck of cards and you'll miraculously prove that you predicted the card. This works even if the stranger is on the phone on the other side of the world!

Predict the sum of 3 random numbers

Hand someone a sealed envelope with your prediction inside. Then have 3 random people write down a 3 digit number. Your spectator adds them up and then opens your correct prediction. A miracle!

Predict any number between 1 and 100

Someone thinks of any number from 1 to 100. You correctly predict this every time. You can even do this by predicting how much pocket change someone has on them at any moment.

Be a Math Whiz with Sudoku Outdone! 

Volunteers help you generate a random two digit number. You miraculously develop a Sudoku-like grid where every conceivable pattern of numbers adds up to this figure. 

Shock the audience after they are SURE you've screwed up!

Surprise your volunteer with an impossible card prediction after creating the impression that you’ve screwed up! The shock factor lights the audience up every time!

The Big Bonus Package

Everything shown here is ready for you to enjoy immediately. 

Full Lesson on Inductions

$97 Value (17 detailed videos)

Michael is giving you the entire video training on hypnotic inductions for the stage. This comes out of his flagship program, Stage Hypnosis University. 

Full Lesson on Routine Creation

$97 Value (12 detailed videos)

This is the entire video lesson on routines that Michael normally reserves for his Stage Hypnosis University students. He's generously giving this to you as part of this package. He holds nothing back in showing you how to craft hilariously entertaining shows!

Contracts and Riders

$97 Value (6 detailed videos)

Learn how to make things run smoothly. Avoid surprises and disasters. Michael has been performing professionally for over 25 years. What he shares in this bonus lesson is incredibly valuable for anyone who intends to do the same. 

Body Language Secrets

$19 Value (PDF book)

Michael's best selling book is included for you in PDF format. Learn how to read minds by reading bodies. Entertaining and practical.

Billing is in US Dollars

Michael C. Anthony is a full time, award winning Stage Hypnotist and the Founder of Stage Hypnotist University. 

He mentors his students and helps them create an amazing new career where they earn $1,500 – $10,000 per show, part time OR full time.

After a world wide search, Michael was cast as “The Hypnotist” for The Illusionists, the highest grossing show of it’s kind in the world.