Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis

Discover How to Build Powerful States for Peak Performance in Your Life!

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Access Details: The Peak Performance product was originally recorded as a physical CD, but has been upgraded as a digital program that can be downloaded or accessed (streamed online) in your personal product library anytime from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Designed to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Mike’s Peak Performance recording brings you cutting-edge New Code neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to literally re-program your unconscious mind. The beauty of this audio CD is that it has widespread appeal to so many aspects of your life. The word “performance” is often associated with sports and athletes – and these tools certainly apply! But the techniques you’ll learn in this recording are just as powerful for helping you to overcome confidence issues (public speaking anyone?), overcoming smoking or other addictions, or for generating new beliefs to supercharge your level of motivation with respect to something that is important to you.

Mike Mandel’s Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis is scientifically sound as it exemplifies the finest blend of the research practitioner model in Clinical Psychology.

Konstantine Zakzanis Ph.D., C.Psych, Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Toronto Scarborough College

What’s Included?

Track 1 is a conscious teaching track. You’ll learn many effective techniques to discover what it is that you truly want, and build powerful resource states to go after your goals. This track is not a hypnosis track.

Track 2 is the unconscious hypnosis track. You’ll be guided through a wonderful trance, which is used to add new programming to your unconscious mind to support your goals. You should listen to this track, if possible, while in a quiet environment, free from distraction, and use headphones for optimal sound.

Looking to improve your life? This product will mentally strengthen you to achieve more. Perhaps you need to develop a peak state to help you change your diet, get fit, learn a new language, perform well in an audition or interview, or kick butt on that final exam.

Audio Sample from Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis

In this audio clip, Mike Mandel introduces you to his method of hypnosis. In this clip, Mike Mandel explains how the “personal edits” taught in New Code NLP tend to generalize, meaning that if you apply the tools to your personal confidence in a professional setting, the “edit” will tend to spill over into other areas of your life. How’s that for a nice bonus?


For iPhone users just click here to listen to the sample.

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